Someone leaked a new “Dragonflight” addon months ago, that should be there

WoW’s next add-on is probably called “Dragonflight”. One knew about it months ago, and leaked a lot of information. They are correct?

The next World of Warcraft add-on has already been accidentally leaked by Blizzard via the official website: Dragonflight. But since the expansion’s title is virtually confirmed, other information suddenly resurfaces. Because in February, someone had predicted that the new expansion would be called “Dragonflight”, and even leaked possible content. This leak is now gaining relevance again.

What is this leak? Like so many other leaks, this one was posted on the MMO Champion forum. It’s not uncommon for leaks to appear there; There were also leaks for Shadowlands and Legion that were posted here first. However, this is often lost in the abundance of fake leaks – it’s just become a kind of “permanent April 1st”, where fans pitch potential add-ons with cool concepts and then sell them as “real leaks”. to troll other players. .

What’s different about this leak? In contrast to the dozens of other leaks, the “Chromatus” leak is special, because back in February it (probably) correctly predicted the name of the next expansion: Dragonflight. Now that this name has also appeared on the official WoW site, the description appears in a new and much more believable light.

WoW Dragon Skins Alexstrasza Ysera Kalecgos

Dragonflight: This is in the new WoW addon (according to the leak)

The leaker claims that World of Warcraft will work very differently with Dragonflight and will bring a lot of what fans want. The key data of the extension are therefore:

  • “Chromatus” is the main enemy of the expansion, although this is mainly expressed in many small stories.
  • There are 6 areas, but they are not connected like a continent. 4 areas are brand new, 2 areas are reworks of old areas.
  • There are 4 new “microclasses”. These are classes with only one specialization, that is, a fixed corset that they must complete.
  • Some classes should get something like “skins” that change the look of skills and themes.
  • The player’s dwelling is approaching.
  • There are 2 new professions: carpenter and joiner.
  • Dalaran will once again be the capital of the expansion.
  • There is no level cap increase.

The filter then goes into the individual points in a bit more detail. The most important information about it is:

Shadowlands rewards are reduced. This is necessary because there will be no level squish at 10.0, nor will there be a new level cap. Players remain at level 60. This automatically means that all Dragonflight content is straight up “level cap content”.

WoW Wrathion Dragon title 1140x445

The 6 new areas are:

  • Dragon Islands: It’s technically its own continent, but it’s just one big area divided into several smaller maps. It is said to be a floating island located between the Broken Isles and Northrend.
  • Lordaeron: Tirisfal Glades and Plaguelands have been reworked. The theme here is scarlet and holy light.
  • Quel’thalas: A reworking of Eversong Forest and Ghostlands. Silvermoon City is an enemy city, like Suramar.
  • Undermine: A large city-shaped area in the depths of Kezan. It’s about criminals and the uncrowned (former Villains Chapter Hall). The entire area is underground.
  • Value: A race of “halflings” fight primary vile enemies, which are something like “proto-demons”.
  • Uldaz: Another underground area. A lot here revolves around the Titans and Elune.

4 microclasses: they only have one specification each

In addition, there are 4 new “microclasses”, each of which only has one specialization. These are:

  • Dragon Knight: Only tank specialization. Use two-handed weapons, fire, plate armor and battle cries.
  • Gypsy: Damage dealers only. Use firearms, mail armor, mechanical devices, and mechanical armor.
  • Minstrel (Bard): Healer specialization only. He uses leather, flutes, violins and pan pipes.
  • Chronomancer (Chronomancer): Healer specialization only. Use cloth, time magic, and sand magic.

There are also some new “skins” for existing classes. These differ only visually and thematically, but are completely identical in terms of gameplay.

  • Hunters can become Dark Rangers. Dark magic effects, thematically taming mostly undead animals.
  • Warlocks can become necromancers (Nexromancers). Use plagues instead of curses and summon undead instead of demons.
  • Nightmare skin for druids. The spells have the corrupted red and black effects of the Emerald Nightmare. You can unlock many different forms, such as snake or spider, but it plays identically to normal druid forms.
  • Guardian skin for demon hunters. Use arcane and holy magic instead of fel.
WoW Draenei Alexstrasza Ysera title title 1280x720

What else is in it? In addition to these highlights, there should again be several stories from which you can choose one. These are sequels to the Order Hall campaigns, but there are only a handful of them. Players choose one of these, similar to pacts. However, unlike Shadowlands, there is no different gameplay, i.e. no special abilities. The decision is purely cosmetic and story related. The factions you can choose from are:

  • the silver hand
  • the one without a crown
  • Kirintor
  • Valarjar
  • black harvest

And most importantly: you will not be seen as the leader of the respective group.

How likely is that? Even if a lot of things sound plausible, you should still treat this leak with caution. It is quite possible that the leaker correctly guessed the name of the extension by accident. After all, “Dragonflight” is a term that appears again and again in the English version of World of Warcraft, and that dragons are the theme of the next expansion could already be deduced from many small clues.

However, there is a good chance that this leak is “legitimate” and was discovered by someone on the inside.

We will probably only have complete security in a few weeks, because Blizzard will soon present the expansion with some details.

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