Steam game reviews changed from very positive to extremely negative

Until a few days ago, the Free2Play game “Storybook Brawls” (PC) continued to have “very positive” reviews on Steam. People praised the title as “one of the best auto-fighters”. But before long, the mood in the world of fairy tales changed completely, because a crypto exchange bought the developers and announced “ethical” plans.

What is this for a game?

  • Storybook Brawl is an autobattler, that’s the name of a form of strategy game where you place characters on a field and then they automatically attack opponents. The player has no influence on the actual fight.
  • The player’s task is to choose which characters to deploy and how to develop them. The most successful autobattler is Teamfight Tactics.
  • In Storybook Brawls, you send characters from fairy tales and legends into battle: vampires, elves, that sort of thing. Storybook Brawls was until recently considered a highly rated game on Steam.
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Completely ruined Steam rating in 2 weeks

How did the reviews develop?

  • From June 18, 2021 to March 2022, the game received 1,977 reviews in German and English. Of them, 82% were positive. This corresponds to an “extremely positive” rating.
  • From March 14 to 29, the game received 593 reviews, of which only 10% are positive, thus 90% are negative. This corresponds to a rating of “extremely negative”

The game received such a slap in the face that “Recent Reviews” was downgraded to “Extremely Negative” and “All Reviews” down to Fair.

NFT is the new trend in gaming, companies are worth billions of dollars, but why?

What the hell happened then? Nothing in the game itself.

But outside of the game, a crypto exchange has acquired the game’s developer and announced that it will make the game a “forerunner” of a way to “ethically build crypto transactions into a game.”

While there are guarantees that this would be “ethical” and “a lot of fun for the players”, players were already expressing their great displeasure before anything happened.

This is what “successful” review blitz looks like.

There are now reviews on Steam like:

  • “It was one of the best auto battle games, but crypto is a scam to steal money from idiots and it’s a shame this game was bought to further promote that agenda.”
  • “The developer was recently bought by a crypto exchange and they plan to use the game as a test vehicle for their NFT monetization. No, thanks.”
  • Even players with 250 hours write: “I can’t keep playing and supporting a game that is evolving towards blockchain/NFT.”

This is behind: NFT/Blockchain is a red rag for many users. They see this as contamination or a scam.

Buying a game with the idea of ​​promoting it is met with a direct reaction here. In the press release, the stock exchange had announced the good reviews that “Storybook Brawls” had, which simply exploded in their ears in a few weeks.

NFT/Blockchain has a serious image problem in games right now. That has to be resolved first before trying to cash in on the good reputation of established games with relatively difficult methods, otherwise these games will be dragged down relatively quickly due to their good reputation.

The crypto exchange behind the deal had already bought LoL’s TSM team for a lot of money, which was probably a better strategy:

World’s Largest LoL Team Sells Names to Crypto Exchange for $210M – Riot Says No

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