The premium tier is currently half price

If you’re interested in PlayStation Plus Premium, you can currently get this tier for half price. The purchase of PS Now is still possible through a bypass on the PlayStation Store, which entitles you to a conversion.

After much speculation, Sony let the cat out of the bag last week and announced the three-tier PlayStation Plus model. PS Plus will merge with PS Now and subscribers will be able to choose between PS Plus Essentials, which is the same as PS Plus, PS Plus Extra, which gives access to hundreds of PS4 and PS5 titles, and PS Plus Premium, which is PS1, includes PS2 and PSP gaming and streaming.

The new service will start in the first regions in June, so you still have a few months to decide on one of the sections, paying between 60 euros (Essentials) and 120 euros (Premium).

PS Plus Premium at half price

However, there is a trick to getting Premium at the price of Essentials. Because all PlayStation Now subscribers, which costs 60 euros and becomes part of the premium version, get the third level at the usual PS Now price.

“PlayStation Now customers are migrating to PlayStation Plus Premium with no increase in current subscription fees at launch,” writes Sony.

Apparently new customers should no longer benefit from this upgrade option. Only the one-month PS Now membership is still offered on the PlayStation Store. However, there is a flaw that allows you to sign up for the annual membership anyway. All you have to do is access a modified URL and go through the normal ordering process. This is possible through various local PlayStation Stores:

PlayStation Now for 12 months:

As several players report, the process can be repeated several times, so you can stock up on PS Now or, thanks to the change, PS Plus Premium for several years and save 50 percent of the usual price. However, multiple players have also reported that they are unable to complete the purchase, so it is very possible that Sony will begin to close this loophole behind the scenes.

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What benefits await you with PS Plus Premium (and the other levels), you can find out in this message. But don’t expect new releases from PlayStation Studios, similar to Xbox Game Pass.

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