The PS1 classic to fall asleep should continue

Gex had quite a few fans on the first PlayStation, but the series has been dormant for over 20 years.

Gex had quite a few fans on the first PlayStation, but the series has been dormant for over 20 years.

Many of us associate ourselves with that. game station Very special memories, after all, Sony’s first console made quite a splash in the ’90s and delivered some classics that are still loved today, like solid metal gear or crash bandicoot. Back then, platformers in particular were a bit more fashionable than they are today, and in addition to the really big names, there were also a few that had their fanbase at the time, but have now been forgotten again.

Gex It was one of those titles. The franchise with the cheeky gecko was developed by Crystal Dynamics and allowed us to jump through various worlds in a total of three branches. While the first part (Gex) was still played in 2D perspective, part 2 (Gex 3D: Enter the gecko) and 3 (Gex 3: Deep Deck Gecko) genuine 3D hoppers with an unusual hero.

In Gex 4 we should play a young gecko

After the third part, the series completely disappeared with the turn of the millennium, and fans waited in vain for a sequel. But that was exactly what had been planned. At least one demo bears witness to this, of which there is now a short video on YouTube.

The sequel would be “Gex Jr.” they are called and put us in a correspondingly younger version of the title hero. As the video suggests, a lot of pop culture references were planned, including Star Wars.

Here you can watch the video, here you can also find more information about the demo:

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Return as a remake?

The demo appeared at a time when the PS2 successor console was already available and attracted interest, which could possibly be related to the planned PS1 project being discontinued. But even without a specific reason, it’s clear that Gex Jr. never saw the light of day and the series went dormant after that.

However, it is possible that there will be an awakening from this dream, perhaps in the form of a remake. Because late last year, Square Enix renewed the Gex brand (via GameRant). Of course, that doesn’t have to mean anything specific, but fans of the platforming franchise would probably be very happy about the return.

Did you play Gex back then? What are your memories of her?

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