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If you have PS Now, you automatically get PS Plus Premium for the switch.

If you have PS Now, you automatically get PS Plus Premium for the switch.

April 5 update: In the meantime, Sony has taken the relevant pages offline. If you now click on the links, you will only get an “Access Denied” message.

Original message: The new PS Plus subscription model is scheduled to launch from June this year. PS Now will thus be made obsolete, instead the content of the subscription will be included in PS Plus Premium, the most expensive of the three new versions. However, some PlayStation fans have now found a way to get PS Plus Premium at a particularly low price: get annual PS Now subscriptions.

PS Plus Premium for €60 a year thanks to PS Now

That’s what it’s all about: Anyone who still has a PS Now membership will have their subscription automatically converted to PS Plus Premium for the remaining period from June 2022. It can definitely be worth it, because while PS Plus Premium costs just under €120 for a subscription per year, PS Now costs €59.99 per year. According to the PlayStation Blog, subscribers do not have to pay the difference:

PlayStation Now customers will migrate to PlayStation Plus Premium with no increase in current subscription fees at launch.

The only disadvantage: Currently, PS Now annual subscription is no longer available in retail stores and some of them were withdrawn from retail stores before the new PS Plus service was announced. Also, on the PlayStation Store there is only a 1-month subscription to buy, which costs €9.99 and thus also comes to almost €120 a year.

However, one resourceful fan has figured out a way to get the yearly subscription on the PS Store. As Wario64 shares on Twitter, there is still a chance to secure the cheapest subscription. The links for the UK and Spain pages also work in Germany. To do so, fans must meet the following conditions:

  • Signed in with PSN account
  • open the link in a browser

There’s no telling how long the links will continue to work, after all this is probably Sony’s mistake. Many fans are taking advantage of this to stock up generously on PS Now while they still can.

PlayStation Now 12-month subscription is $59.99 on US PSN

will convert to PlayStation Plus Premium in June ($119.99 a year value. includes ~400 PS4/PS5 games and ~340 PS1/PS2/PS3/PSP games)

— Wario64 (@Wario64) April 3, 2022

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You can find out in our overview whether PS Plus Premium is worth it for you and what the various new PS Plus models will contain:

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PS Plus Premium with 740 games and all the big names

While the cheapest variant of PS Plus Essential roughly corresponds to the current PS Plus, the two most expensive versions, Ps Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium, get up to 740 additional titles in the game library. Sony hasn’t revealed exactly which ones yet, but all the major publishers are said to be represented, with a total of over 200 partners. It seems a little less pleasant with launch titles, which should rarely end up in the library directly at launch.

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