Top 5 Password Managers of 2022 for Android and iOS

In 2022, the top priority for all Internet users should be their own security in the digital space. Hacking attacks repeatedly make headlines and experts repeatedly warn of cyber attacks as part of Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine. That’s why having strong passwords is more important than ever. Fortunately, there are several apps designed to help you better manage them. we will show you the best password manager 2022 for Android and iOS.

Password managers: you should pay attention to this

In general, password managers’ tasks are clearly defined: they should help you with creating and managing strong passwords. This sounds simple enough in itself, but as is often the case, the devil is in the details.

In fact, you should also make sure that the administrator has the strongest possible encryption. Basic features like a master password, autofill, and two-factor authentication are a must to ensure even more security and better handling on the web.

Really good password managers also offer the option of secure password sharing, synchronization for multiple devices, and emergency access if the master password is lost or simply forgotten.

Powerful password managers for Android and iOS

From these points of view, there are several password managers that can score with a variety of features. These are available for both Android and iOS. A few applications have emerged that are clearly superior to the competition and that we would like to explain below. Quick note: Prices shown are for iOS versions. It can be assumed that they are similar or even identical for Android.

You can choose one of these password managers without hesitation:

dashlane + Very simple operation
+ Lots of strong features like 2FA, VPN, dark web monitoring
+ Up to 50 passwords already in the free version

– Unfortunately, some of the best features have to be paid for

Dashlane Premium: €3.04 / month
Family plan: €4.99/month
last pass + Unlimited number of passwords
+ Multi-device synchronization
+ Share passwords
+ Storage of other data such as bank and credit card information
+ One-click password change
+ All the mentioned features are already available for free

– Password sharing between multiple people, encrypted storage, emergency access, and paid dark web monitoring

LastPass Premium: €2.90 / month
LastPass Family: €3.90 / month
RoboForm + Excellently organized
+ Various templates for different types of information (addresses, passports, cars)
+ Easy and fast filling of online forms
+ Share passwords, bookmarks and notes
+ 30-day upgrade trial

– Cloud backup, 2FA and multi-device sync for a fee

RoboForm Everywhere: €1.16 / month
RoboForm Everywhere Family: €33.40 / month
RememberBear + Easy to use, suitable for beginners
+ Entry to the application implemented in a playful way
+ Almost everything available for free
+ Cute design with funny bear animations

– Multi-device sync and cloud backup for a fee
– Darkweb monitoring, 2FA, password sharing, missing account recovery

RememBear Premium: €65.73 / year
guardians + Keeper chat service
+ Autofill
+ 2FA
+ strong encryption
+ Emergency access function
+ Dark web monitoring
+ Depending on your needs, 10 to 100 GB of cloud storage can be purchased

– Many features are not available in the free version, you should definitely subscribe

Unlimited Keeper: €22.36 / year
Keeper Family: €47.92 / year

With these password managers you will definitely be on the safe side and be able to surf the net with a clear conscience. But how strong should a password be? There are a few things to consider for this.

Source: Security Detectives

There is war in Ukraine since February 24, 2022: Here you can help those affected.

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