Vacuum Cleaner Maker Builds Mouthpiece Headphones Like the Ones a Video Game Villain Would Wear

A manufacturer has introduced a word-of-mouth headset that certainly not everyone would use in public. Because the headphones are reminiscent of a video game villain.

Many manufacturers offer various devices to improve people’s lives in the long term. For example, a company introduced a device that should take care of your most important gaming tool.

Now the manufacturer of vacuum cleaners Dyson has shown the public headphones with which you can not only listen to music, but also breathe better air. MeinMMO introduces you to the strange device and explains what it should be able to do.

The new oral headphones are reminiscent of a video game

What is this device? With “Dyson Zone”, the manufacturer has presented a special combination of headphones and air filter. The Dyson Zone are over-the-ear noise-canceling headphones. In addition, the device must take on other tasks. According to Dyson, they want to have developed it for 6 years and now they present a first prototype. You can see what the first model looks like in the official YouTube video:

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The official Dyson Zone video on YouTube

The device is more reminiscent of futuristic movies or video games or of Batman’s villain Bane, who wears a similar mask in front of his face. The bulky device also looks pretty scary at first glance.

What can the piece do? There is an air filter in the device. This filter is designed to clean the air of exhaust gases and pollutants found in city air.

In addition, Dyson’s first “Premium Audio Technology” is installed in the device and it also offers noise cancellation. This should filter out loud and annoying noises on the road.

Another special feature is that you don’t have to wear the headset directly on your face or have a mouthpiece in your mouth. Dyson uses a visor that sits in front of the face. This way, breathing should feel normal and not tight or tight like under an ordinary mask.

However, whether you dare to hit the road with the device is another question. Because it looks very futuristic and should draw a lot of attention.

When can the device be purchased? According to the official blog post, the first model should be available online in the company’s own web store from fall 2022. On the official website you can only subscribe to the newsletter if you want more information. There is no way to reserve it yet.

Oral headphones are said to provide “pure air and pure sound”.

Why are you developing such a device? Dyson herself explains that it took 6 years to develop the “Dyson Zone”. The main reason is air pollution, which is a big problem all over the world. With the “Dyson Zone” they want to offer their own solution:

Air pollution is a global problem: it affects us everywhere, no matter where we are. At home, at school, at work and on the go, whether on foot, by bike or by public or private transport. Dyson Zone™ purifies the air you breathe on the go. With the help of high-performance filters and two miniature air pumps, it provides a blast of fresh air without touching your face. After six years of development, we are happy to bring you pure air and pure sound everywhere.

Jake Dyson, Chief Engineer, via

Not only Dyson presents interesting and strange devices for users. So Razer had come up with a special skin that should be aimed primarily at gamers. Because “Project Hazel” should offer some special features like RGB lighting.

Razer brings the “world’s smartest mask” with RGB lighting

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