Valve increases deliveries and makes more pre-orders happy

Getting a Steam Deck is still not that easy.

Getting a Steam Deck is still not that easy.

Valve handhelds steam cover it’s a hugely exciting device, but it also has a not insignificant problem. It’s not available in large numbers just yet, but Valve will only be giving it out in taps for pre-orders. Consequently, so far only a select few can call their own Steam Deck, but Valve has now at least promised some improvement.

Patience is still required

Because with the start of the second quarter, a tweet was announced that would now increase Steam Deck deliveries. Also, more pre-orders will be happy. As Valve announced, an email will be sent to other interested parties in the near future to reserve their Steam Deck with an order.

However, it should be mentioned once again that this only affects those who have already submitted a corresponding pre-order to Valve.

Welcome to Q2! We’ve just sent out the first set of order emails to Q2 reservers (in order of reservation time). Starting today we’re ramping up Steam Deck shipments, and will be sending more order availability emails every week. Sometimes even twice a week!

— Steam Deck (@OnDeck) April 4, 2022

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Even if larger delivery quantities, at least on paper, promise somewhat better availability in the medium term, caution is still required. Because everyone who is still waiting for a Steam platform should be patient, because a timely delivery of the PC handheld is not expected.

Brand new orders are not due for delivery until October 2022, or even later. If you are interested in Steam Deck, you still need one thing above all else: patience.

Our Steam Deck Test

Our hardware author, Chris, has already been able to take a close look at the Steam Deck and try it out. You can read his detailed test report on PC console here:

Steam Deck in the test: between technology heaven and comfort hell


More about the subject

Steam Deck in the test: between technology heaven and comfort hell

In a separate article you will also find more information about the current availability of the Steam Deck and the prices you have to put on the table for the different configurations. And if you’ve only owned consoles and want to learn the ins and outs of the Steam platform, you can find everything dildos need to know about Valve’s handheld in our article.

Have you pre-ordered a Steam deck or are you planning to?

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