Video reveals GPU clock and power consumption

Is the top model shown for the first time? 2 minutes of reading

Did Intel accidentally release details about an upcoming Arc desktop graphics card? Anyone who has closely followed the video on Intel GPU monitoring software will have discovered some specifications and information in live monitoring, including clock rates and power consumption.

Just a few days ago, Intel introduced its first proprietary GPUs for laptops based on the Arc (or should we say ARCHitektur? 🤭) architecture: Intel Arc 3, Arc 5 and Arc 7. While the base A350M and A370M models will launch first, mid- and high-class variants will follow in the summer. Then the chipmaker also wants to introduce the first desktop graphics card and really compete with AMD and Nvidia.

To date, not many details are known about the desktop models, but according to the first leaks, the performance of the top-of-the-range model should be around Level of a GeForce RTX 3070 (Ti) to lie. However, in a demo of Arc Control, the new software center for graphics cards, Intel provided a little more information than was perhaps intended.

The video reveals the specifications: on purpose or not?

As reported by 3D Center, among others, the app’s “Live Performance Monitoring” reveals some interesting details. For example, the GPU clock fluctuated between 2.2 and 2.25GHzpower consumption was in the range of 172 to 175 watts. Similar boost values ​​have already been leaked for mobile GPUs, but this “graphics power” should speak for a desktop model. The Intel Arc A770M, for example, has a power consumption of 120 to 150 watts.

However, the final values ​​could still change, according to 3D Center. For example, it is not yet clear if the data shown is just a maximum value and can be achieved by playing. The power consumption shown should probably only include the graphics chip, possibly including the graphics memory, not the entire board. The actual power consumption could be 210 to 230 watts, so what? Top model in the form of “A780” i should talk

The behavior of Intel Arc desktop graphics cards in terms of performance and power consumption will be seen no later than the summer of this year. Until then, we’re looking forward to entry-level laptops. By the way, Intel is counting on this for 2022 over four million Arc GPUsMore generations are already being planned for 2023 and 2024.

What do you think of Intel Arc? Are you waiting for the competition?

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