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Pausing and resuming recording is a relatively new feature for WhatsApp voice messages. Also, its reproduction outside the chat. But that is not enough.


Talk instead of type: WhatsApp wants to make it a little more convenient for all the supporters of voice messages in Messenger and has announced four new features.

This includes the ability to listen to voice messages again in the future before sending them, according to the Meta affiliate. Also new: a display of the message as a waveform diagram with level changes. This makes it easier to find certain passages in the message.

Finally speed up language too long

Two other upcoming features should make it easier to handle long voicemails. One is fast playback of forwarded messages. Playback speed can be increased by a factor of one and a half or two.

On the other hand, the possibility of continuing to listen to messages that have only been partially listened to at the point last heard when you return to the respective chat. WhatsApp didn’t initially say when exactly which feature would be available on iPhones or Androids. The features will be introduced “in the coming weeks.” (dpa)

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