WhatsApp: Practical innovations in voice messages

Whether it’s for storytellers or those who are too lazy to type, voice messages have made WhatsApp easier to use for many people since it was introduced in 2013. Instead of laboriously typing out a message, users can quickly record a voice message.

To make it easier for customers to use WhatsApp, the messaging service is constantly developing useful innovations. In a company blog, WhatsApp recently introduced a variety of improvements to voice messages.

WhatsApp: Practical innovations in voice messages

especially for them Playing voice messages WhatsApp has developed some innovations. Messages can now be heard outside of chat and at higher speeds. Here is an overview of the new features:

  • Playback outside of chat: With this new feature, users can leave the chat while listening and at the same time read or reply to messages from other chat partners. Meanwhile, other applications can also be opened. This can be particularly useful for very long recordings. The voice message in progress is displayed as a small band of information at the top of the screen after you exit the chat.
  • Playback from last listened position: This makes it possible to continue listening to the voice message from the point where playback was last stopped. For example, if you had to exit the app in the meantime, you can continue listening directly from where you left off with the last voicemail.
  • Quick playback of forwarded messages: Until now, it has been possible to increase the speed of voice messages received directly to 1.5 times or twice the speed. You can now also increase the speed of your own and forwarded voice messages. This is especially helpful with chat partners who just aren’t getting to the point.

The display of voice messages in Messenger has also changed

In addition to playback improvements, WhatsApp also has the Recording and viewing function of voice messages further developed.

  • Pause/resume/preview recordings: Previously, users had to re-record a voice message if they were disturbed while recording or if they wanted to reorganize their thoughts. It is now possible to pause the recording as needed and resume it later. All you have to do is slide the microphone icon up while recording. The recording can then be interrupted and continued with the pause symbol. Recently, the message can also be listened to before it is sent.
  • Waveform display: The novelties also include a graphic change. The sound of the voice message is presented in the visual form of a wave. This makes it easy to follow the course of the recording. For example, if there is silence in the recording for a long time, this is visually visible to the user and that part of the message can be skipped.

In general, the innovations mean that users can exchange voice messages more quickly and easily. The new features could be quite useful, especially for recipients who previously found this message format time-consuming.

New features are available to everyone

The innovations should now be generally available as long as the current version of WhatsApp is installed on the smartphone. However, since WhatsApp is only gradually making individual features available to customers, it may take some time in some cases.

In line with this topic: Police are currently warning about scammers using the WhatsApp messaging service to steal money from their victims. They pose as family members.

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