Windows 11: Distribution is stalling at a low level

Windows 11 is available as a free upgrade for Windows 10 users starting in October 2021, as long as the PC meets the system requirements. The free upgrade can be done manually for users who have installed an unsupported CPU in their computer. Various statistics now show the spread of the new operating system. According to the Adduplex advertising network, Windows 11 already runs on 20 percent of all Windows PCs worldwide. With this number, distribution has stalled in March 2022, as almost nothing has changed compared to February. Adduplex only analyzes the usage of 5,000 apps from the Microsoft Store.

How many users use Windows 11?

In general, some statisticians find it difficult to draw a clear line on which PCs are running Windows 11 and which are running Windows 10. After all, both operating systems are built on the same technical foundation and Windows 11, until now, is only available as an upgrade for existing users of the previous operating system. According to Statcounter, 8.45% of all Windows users browsed the Internet with a web browser running Windows 11 in March 2022. Windows 10 is the clear leader at 80.89%, ahead of Windows 11. Third place is occupied by Windows 7 with a market share of 6.23%. If you count all desktop operating systems, Windows comes in at 76.5 percent and MacOS at 18.9 percent of the market share, with the rest distributed to Linux.

Windows 11 expansion is also stalling on Steam: In March 2022, 17.44% of all Steam users were using Windows 11, just 1.26% more than in February. The first place is occupied by Windows 10 with 77.34 percent. Perhaps some users are simply waiting until more versions of Microsoft’s new operating system become available. Either way, the youngest Redmond offspring manage to get more than 20 percent, neither in Germany nor globally. Among individual user groups alone, such as PCGH readers, Windows 11 (including the home version) jumped to a 29.37 percent share in March 2022. There is a special case among PCGH readers. On the PCGH forum, Windows 11 grew 16.73 percent in March. Among registered PCGH users, Windows 10 Pro still ranks first with 51.04%, ahead of Windows 11 Pro with 26.11%. Third place is taken by Windows 10 Home, which only comes in at 14.84 percent (minus 1.32 percent). Microsoft will show off the innovations in Windows 11 at an online event tomorrow, likely the next 22H2 release.

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Windows 11 market share compilation:

  • Windows 11 distribution stalled in a monthly comparison from February to March 2022. According to the ad network, 20 percent of all Windows users use the new operating system.
  • According to Statcounter, the diffusion of Windows 11 should be 8.45 percent.
  • On Steam, Windows 11 manages a 17.44 percent share, an increase of just 1.26 percent month over month.
  • Microsoft will show off the innovations in Windows 11 at an online event tomorrow, likely the next 22H2 release.

Sources: Adduplex, Statcounter, Steam

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