YouTuber defeats Elden Ring after 45 hours as a pacifist

Two creepy goblins hang out in a meadow.

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With people constantly looking without intervention strategies on elden ringIt was only a matter of time before someone figured out how to get to the endgame without fighting anything.

In his latest Iron Pineapple video, which a great youtube channel dedicated souls and souls– like games – accompanies everyone in their attempt to win elden ring as a pacifist. And while the game ends up being pretty tricky thanks to the inclusion of quick-running issues and clever building synergies, Iron Pineapple never violated a simple rule: don’t directly damage basic enemies and bosses.

“I think the whole race was about 45 hours long,” said Iron Pineapple. kotaku By email. “Most of the time I was running around and getting ready and just got stuck with a few bosses.”

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luck for the future elden ring Pacifists, the game gives you all the tools you need to start your journey. Iron Pineapple started out as a prophet class for its healing properties, choosing fanged imp ashes as an additional item. See, his whole strategy was to use the in-game NPC summon and play as some kind of support class. Since the summon does all the damage, Iron Pineapple’s goal would be to properly buff and heal it.

As seen in the video below, Iron Pineapple ran into several dead ends, some of which led him down paths that ultimately proved fruitless.

For example, when the Godskin duo on Crumbling Faram Azula caused even his leveled Ash problems, Iron Pineapple decided it was time to take one of the best summons in the game, Black Knife Tiche. The only problem is that you would have to complete the Ranni the Witch questline to get to Tiche’s Ashes. It wasn’t until he jumped through his many hoops and reached the boss that unlocks Tiche that Iron Pineapple realized that he couldn’t call for help, which prevented him from catching Tiche and rendering the entire detour useless.

“I probably spent most of my time with the Godskin duo,” said Iron Pineapple. “For a while I was convinced that if I healed well enough and got lucky with the attack patterns, I could do it. Of course, I ended up using the torch, which inflicts sleep on the spot.

Not surprisingly, Iron Pineapple also used Mimic Tear, which acts as a copy of your character and is one of the most versatile on its own. elden ringthe spell after too It was nerfed in patch 1.03. Iron Pineapple spent much of his pacifist career focusing on other sources of damage, but when the pressure came on, the ability to create a highly customizable sidekick was hard to overlook. As such, he has turned to Mimic Tear to defeat many difficult bosses late in the game.

“I had a feeling from the start that Mimic was going to be very strong, so I made a conscious decision against it for diversity reasons,” said Iron Pineapple. “It was quite fun to show off the different niches and strengths of some of the game’s summons and treat the challenges as puzzles to solve rather than just winning through raw stats. So ultimately I was a bit disappointed in how strong Mimic was, even after the nerf.

The Iron Pineapple Peace Run is another example of this. elden ring maintains the strategic openness of its souls Predecessor. With a thorough understanding of the tools, skills, and resources at your disposal, it’s possible to win the game with just about every tactic in the book. Sure, you could hit a brick wall here and there. The iron pineapple did it. But if there’s a lesson to be learned from a tradition elden ring Playthrough is that everything can be overcome with a little stubbornness.

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