10 exercises in 10 minutes: easy abdominal training with Coach LeaLight

Crunching until your stomach hurts is not only boring, but also not as effective as you might think.

Because your muscles get used to the same stimulus over and over again and muscle growth is no longer stimulated as much.

Therefore, it makes sense to alternate different exercises for one region of the body in order to constantly establish new stimuli.

When doing abdominal training, you must also make sure that you train not only the rectus muscles, but also the lateral muscles. The lower abdomen is also not stressed by regular crunches.

With the new abdominal training from LeaLight, you cover all these areas and train not only effectively, but also efficiently, because you only need ten minutes.

Ten minutes of non-stop abdominal training

In total, LeaLight shows you 10 different exercises, of which you complete two rounds. You do each exercise for 30 seconds. Then you can continue without rest with the next exercise.

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1. Crunch & Reach for the Stars

With this form of sit-ups, you not only train the upper abdominal muscles but also the lateral ones, because you alternately pull to the left and to the right upwards.

The shoulder girdle is completely separated from the ground each time. The neck remains relaxed and does not cramp.

As with any contraction, contracting your abs will help you get up. The momentum is misplaced here.

2.C crunch

The C-Crunch trains your entire abdomen, because while your upper abs help you lift up, your lower abs need to stabilize you as you move your legs and hold firm as you do so.

3. Bicycle Crunch

When you do the bicycle crunches, make sure to keep your legs at a 90-degree angle. It becomes much easier if you bring your knees closer to your upper body.

Your hands rest on your temples, you don’t use them to push yourself up. You keep your shoulder girdle in the air for the full 30 seconds so your stomach is under tension the entire time.

4. Hands down

Keep your legs as straight as possible during this exercise, and try to reach the tips of your fingers with your toes. Tuck your chin in toward your chest so you don’t unnecessarily strain your neck muscles.

5. Razors

With any Jack Knife, your elbows come to your knees. In the opening movement, be sure to go as deep with your legs as you can to maintain tension in your stomach without slipping into a hollow back.

6. Pendulum

Keeping your legs at a 90 degree angle, lower them to the ground in a controlled manner, first to one side and then to the other. Your entire core stabilizes you.

But only go as low as you can to keep your shoulder girdle on the ground. Then slowly return to the center.

The number of repetitions is not important here, but to build as much tension as possible.

7. Superstars

The superstar works similarly to the C-crunch, except the legs are wider than hip-width apart.

The elbows go to the height of the knees and when stretching the lower abdomen, try not to fall into a hollow back.

8. One leg raise

With One Leg Lift you train the lower abdominal muscles, alternating those on the right side and those on the left side. Keep your lower back firmly pressed into the ground the entire time.

9. Iron and twist

The starting position for this exercise is on all fours, but the knees hover just above the ground. Then you twist your knees together to the right, back to the middle, and to the left.

The slower you do this, the more tension you build up and the more your muscles have to work. Turn it so hard that you can feel the crack in your sides.

10. Side openings of planks

With this variation of the plank, make sure to lock your hips and always keep them upright. Stretch your arm up and follow your fingertips with your eyes.


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