10 minute full body workout based on the PAUL method

With the PAUL Method, just ten minutes of intensive, regular training is enough to challenge your entire body, increase fat burning, and improve overall fitness and health.

As a bodyweight workout with no additional equipment, this run is great for burning fat in between.

This is what the PAUL method means

PAUL is a full body training concept where four different exercises each have a specific focus:

  1. P means a full-body plyometric exercise, that is, high-speed strength training, which also gets your heart rate up.

    These are mainly jumping exercises. If you have knee or back problems, you should be careful here and first clarify with your doctor if you can do the exercises like this. Alternatively, you can also perform low impact, i.e. without a jump.

  2. A puts the focus on the abs and thus follows an exercise that activates the abs.
  3. your is short for upper body and emphasizes the torso.
  4. L stands for Lower Body and primarily challenges the legs and buttocks.

With the PAUL method you train all the major muscle groups, your speed and you take your pulse to the maximum level with high intensity interval training (HIIT).

It can be quite strenuous, but the afterburn effect will be your reward: you’ll burn more calories even after your workout and you only have to give it ten minutes at full throttle.

Here’s how it works: You complete four exercises of 30 seconds each. This is followed by a 30 second break. You go through two rounds of this, or more if you want!

PAUL Training: The Four Exercises

Here are the four exercises from our training video briefly explained:

1. Skater jumps

Stand on your right leg, keep your arms to the right to gain momentum, and bend your upper body slightly forward.
Now jump to the left, landing on your left foot and bringing your arms with you tightly. Keep jumping alternating from left to right, keeping your arms with you the entire time. Build as fast as possible.

2. Knee to elbow plank

Start in the upright push-up position. Alternately draw a knee to an elbow on the same side of the body. Keep your knees high and tighten your core muscles. It is best to turn your head in the direction of the bent knee.

3. Skydiver

Lie on your stomach and keep your arms bent next to your head. Bend your legs and bring your heels together. Raise and lower your torso and legs off the ground at the same time.

The head remains straight in line with the spine. Pull your shoulders down and back nicely. The thighs should be off the ground as much as possible. Briefly hold and lower again.

Then go back up and do the sequence for 30 seconds. This has more to do with body tension than speed.

4. Jumping lunges

Take a big lunge forward so that your front knee is bent no more than 90 degrees and your back knee is also bent, almost touching the ground.

Jump in a controlled way and change the position of your legs. The arms are offset to move alongside the body.

Make sure you have a clean run here before you speed up. If you have knee problems, you prefer to skip the jump and take a big step.

You can bounce to the bottom again to intensify the exercise.

After that, you have completed the first round! Feel free to fill in one or two more and be safer and faster; then you will achieve great effects with regular training.


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