10 minute HIIT workout with no equipment to participate

HIIT is perfect for burning fat efficiently. All you need for this FITBOOK workout is an exercise mat and the willingness to work hard for ten minutes. Here we go!

Training Structure

This video demonstrates a very intense ten-minute High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) training: this allows you to train endurance and full-body strength and burn fat efficiently, even long after your workout. The training takes place in an interval of 40 seconds of effort (at full speed!) and a rest of 20 seconds. All ten times in a row. If the load interval is too strenuous, reduce it: 30 seconds load, 30 seconds rest, or even 20 seconds load, 40 seconds rest. It is recommended to use a heart rate monitor to check your heart rate.

Important: Since the training is very intensive and aims to increase your heart rate, your health should not be restricted and, in case of doubt, you should have a medical check-up beforehand.

Before the HIIT workout, of course, you should briefly warm up and activate the muscles, so to speak. Here you will find suitable mobility exercises that prepare the body for training and at the same time make it more flexible.

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These exercises in different variations await you in the video above:

Burpees with straight jump (jump combo)

Burpees train the entire body as they are a mix of squats, push-ups, and straight jumps. Jump into a pushup as you brace your lower back (don’t sag!), lift your legs again as you jump, and jump out of a squat to stretch.

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Jump Squats (Deep Jump Squats)

Extremely strenuous exercise that requires full body coordination. With deep squats with an explosive jump up, the thigh extensors are especially trained. The most common mistake when doing squats: the knee bends inward. Also, be sure to come back up in a controlled manner after the jump.

Spider lunges (jumps, deep lunges)

Deep lunges using only your own body weight train your thigh and gluteal muscles. Few exercises engage so many large muscle groups at once.

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single leg falls

It requires coordination and control of the whole body and strengthens the abdominal muscles. Done correctly, the back is immobile. Leads to increased endurance and better balance.


This is an extremely high intensity cardio workout. If you’ve never done them before, cut back on the repetitions and take the individual steps more slowly. The exercise is reminiscent of the movements made when running uphill.

Spider planks with bent knees

The plank is considered one of the best exercises for the abdominal muscles and core. In this more strenuous variant, one knee is brought alternately to the elbow.

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About the person: FITBOOK editor Anna-Christina Kessler isn’t a trained trainer or spends every free minute at the gym, so tech enthusiasts shouldn’t be too strict about their workout execution. She loves to jog, she likes to end her Sundays with a round of yoga and she discovered HIIT for herself since her personal trainer showed her how she can use it to get faster over the ten kilometer distance.

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