10-Minute Workout – Intensive Back Focused Core Training

If you train your back and core muscles for ten minutes every day, you invest in your health and avoid pain. Against the background of this conviction, athletic trainer Timo Kirchenberger developed a corresponding training routine for FITBOOK.

This 10-minute holistic workout from athletic trainer Timo Kirchenberger focuses on the superficial and deep muscles of the back, the so-called torso. In his basic training, the bodyweight exercise expert guides you through a total of ten exercises for a healthy back.

Who is the coach in the video?

Timo Kirchenberger himself was a competitive athlete in track and field for twelve years. He now works as a professional athletic trainer in Berlin. A permanent increase in well-being has top priority for him, and he is convinced that maximum efficiency training is an essential lever for this. The Berlin Recycling Volleys, Olympic champion Robert Harting, the national karate team and the Berlin Hockey Club, among others, train according to his philosophy.

What is the idea behind this 10-minute workout?

The back and trunk muscles have an extremely high influence on our posture and whether and to what extent we develop pain in this area. If the lower back muscles in particular are too weak or not developed at all, complaints are easy. On the contrary, the more stable our core is, the smoother we can do all kinds of sports. According to athletic trainer Kirchenberger, this basic 10-minute workout, done daily, is ideal for preventing back pain.

The workout is structured like a demanding interval workout: 50 seconds of effort is followed by a 10-second rest. Just follow the instructions of the trainer in the video. You don’t need any equipment, you just train with your own body weight.

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What should be taken into account when doing a basic training for the back?

You can do this basic ten-minute workout with a focus on your back, regardless of your fitness level. If it’s too strenuous for you, shorten the stress interval and lengthen the rest. Mild tension or indefinable recurring back pain is very common, and the basic idea of ​​taking it easy or avoiding movement is often wrong.

However, anyone who has previous acute illnesses, injuries (eg, herniated disc, lumbago, torn fibers, abdominal muscle strains), or back pain lasting several weeks should definitely clarify the cause with a doctor.

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10-Minute Back-Focused Core Workout: The Exercises at a Glance

row upside down

In the first exercise of the basic training focused on the back, lie on your stomach and straighten your extremities, with your thumbs pointing towards the ceiling. Only the stomach and hips touch the ground during the exercise, but not the arms and legs. In order not to strain your neck too much, place your head in a neutral position, that is, look at the ground.

The arms and legs now move alternately up and down. To stabilize your body during the exercise, move your limbs diagonally toward the ceiling.

One leg hip bridge

adopt a supine position. The feet are placed side by side and close to the buttocks, the tips of the toes do not touch the ground. Now stretch out one leg. The knees must stay together. The exercise begins as soon as your hips leave the ground. Your torso, hips, and legs should form a straight line. Hold the position briefly, then slowly lower your hips. Switch legs after each rep.

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u rotations

For this prone upper body rotation, first place your arms at a right angle at shoulder height. Raise your upper body as high as possible and rotate alternately from right to left, making a wide “U” shape, so to speak. The legs remain on the ground. The arms must maintain their position throughout the exercise. If you want to increase the difficulty of the exercise, you can move it further away from the body; this requires more stability in the trunk.


Back in the prone position, one leg is separated laterally from the body, the hips and thighs form a 90-degree angle (shape reminiscent of a “Y”). Bend your arms (45 degrees) and lift them off the ground (the position of the arms and torso resembles a “W”). As his elbows move toward his hips, his chest rises off the floor. Hold briefly, then bring your arms and upper body back to the starting position. After a few repetitions of the back extension with the leg apart, switch sides.

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reverse pushups

It’s an inverted push-up: Bend your knees while lying on your back, the balls of your feet leaving the floor. The arms are at a 45-degree angle from the shoulders and the hands point toward the ceiling through the bent forearms. Now loosen your shoulder girdle and head off the floor and actively bring your shoulder blades together. The elbows remain on the ground. After a short pause, return to the starting position.

Quadruped Arm Raise

Get on all fours, looking down. Now, with maximum mid-body stability, slightly release both knees off the ground. The stomach and back are under tension. Alternately, the arms are stretched out and moved to the side of the head. Perform the exercise without swinging your upper body.


Back in the prone position, the arms are extended at right angles to the body. The back of the hand points up and the legs are on the ground. The exercise begins as soon as the arms and legs move towards the ceiling. Important: The extremities are always stretched and do not touch the ground during the exercise. The only contact with the ground is at the hips and stomach. Limbs move up and down without touching the ground.

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Cool down

The core workout for the rear ends with a rotating cat hump: lower your hips from all fours. Look at the ground, rest your buttocks on your feet, stretch your arms out in front of you. Deep inhalation and exhalation relaxes the core muscles. Repeat several times.

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