30 minute bodyweight workout for two

Breaking a sweat is so much easier with mutual motivation: With our challenging 30-minute full-body partner workout, you train your strength and endurance in pairs.

You don’t need any equipment for this, just your sports partner or friend and two mats or towels. Bodyweight training is for anyone who wants to get in some advanced physical exercise.

Training not only kills a lot of calories (200 to 300 kcal in half an hour, depending on how hard you press the gas), but it’s also twice as much fun.

The whole body is challenged.

The seven different exercises not only get the cardiovascular system going, but also strengthen the most important muscle groups at the same time.

In addition to the legs, stomach and buttocks, the back and arms are also tested.

A total of three rounds (fitness junkies do five) to get you and your partner started with this workout.

After each exercise you have ten seconds to change before the next exercise and after each round you have a 30 second breather to take a deep breath.

All exercises at a glance

  1. Jumps (60 seconds)
  2. Jump squat high five (20 seconds)
  3. Burpee plank jump (35 seconds)
  4. Face-to-face push up (30 seconds)
  5. Alternate Jump Lunges (25 seconds)
  6. Kickback and high jump (55 seconds)
  7. The Core Killer – Intermediate level only (45 seconds)

Scissor jumps in two variants

Jumping jacks, which kick-start the cardiovascular system at the start of each round, can be performed in two different ways.

The high impact version is a classic jump, like you used to do in school.

“Make sure your knees and toes point out slightly, your torso stays tight, and your arms are as straight as possible,” is our coaches’ advice.

The low-impact variant involves tapping out with your legs bent instead of jumping. The arms also rise less, which makes the exercise easier.

More power for two

The other exercises are really sweaty, but mostly easy for everyone to implement.

For example, start the Push Up Face to Face in support, with your hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart and your fingertips pointing forward.

Then you lower yourself, sternum first, and bend your elbows. The stomach is firm.

As you actively push yourself up, you’re giving your training partner a diagonal high-five, and this not only gives you a more effective abdominal workout, but also an extra serving of motivation up top.

“The important thing here is that your shoulder girdle is engaged, your belly button is actively pulling in toward your spine, your legs are nice and strong, and your head is in extension of your spine,” our training specialists explain.

In high-five squat jumps, on the other hand, you first stand shoulder-width apart and then bend deeply at the knee. You jump explosively, high-five, and land softly.

For advanced users: core killer

The last exercise of each round is only suitable for advanced users because, as the name “core killer” already suggests, it places extreme demands on the middle of the body.

Here’s how it works: Start on your back with your arms stretched out in the air. Your training partner grabs your shins and puts their legs in your hands, one at a time.

Now activate your core and slowly get upright and also stretch your arms up. “Push your shoulders right,” experts advise.

Meanwhile, your training partner gets into a pike position. It is important that the shoulder girdle is activated and that the joints are on top of each other.

Now you release the core tension again, slowly return to the ground, but all the time keep your arms pointing up.


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