4-second workout: This is how the shortest workout in the world works

Go shopping after work, then meet up with friends and the day is over. Of course there’s no time for sports, right? We have found a form of training that can be integrated into even the most stressful everyday life: 4 second workout. How the training works and whether it is really that effective, we will tell you.

4-Second Workout: Is It Enough?

This is supposed to do a 4 second workout.

Completely or nothing: most of them decide at least 1 to 2 hours of sport per week do – “otherwise it is useless”. Is it really so?

No, say the Texas scientists. You realize already short intervals of exercise it can help you become fitter and healthier. In plain language, this means that even a 4-second workout can help trigger fat burning and lower cholesterol levels.

Study: short sports intervals versus long-term sitting

This was the result of the study leader, Prof. Edward F. Coyle, head of the “Department of Kinesiology and Health Education”, with the help of an experiment. with 8 people.

These were initially 2 groups divided in. While one group simulated a typical 8-hour workday and only got up to eat or go to the bathroom, the other group stopped sitting down multiple times for short training sessions.

The short intervals of exercise consisted of 4 seconds of intense exercise on an ergometer. After a pause of 45 seconds, they should return off for 4 seconds – and that a total of five times.

Subjects repeated the 4-second training every hour. So they arrived at the end of the day. 160 second workoutwhich is less than 3 minutes.

The surprising result: not only fat burning was boosted. He too Triglyceride levels were lower. Together with cholesterol, these indicate how high the risk of heart and vascular diseases is. In general, the cholesterol level went down.

The 4-second workout in everyday life

How to do the 4 second workout perform in everyday life? It is best to use an ergometer for this. Is that how it works:

  1. For 4 seconds you pedal as fast as possible on the ergometer.
  2. Then you take a 45 second break.
  3. Now give him everything again for 4 seconds.
  4. Another 45-second break follows.

In general, you should Do 5 intervals – 8 times a day. If you work full time, you can set an hourly alarm to remind you to do the 4-second workout.

Short four-second workout

Conclusion: Just 4 seconds of training instead of an hour of sports?

Does that mean we should only do 4 second workouts from now on? No, because the study should be treated with caution. Since there were only 8 subjects in total, the results not in the general public closing But the fact is that exercise, no matter how brief, is always better than sitting all day.

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