40 minute workout with CrossFit athlete Shagel Butt

“This is CrossFit. Aerobics is in the next room!” This is what Shagel Butt says about his training.”Germany’s fittest man over 40 years old” developed exclusively for FITBOOK.Fitness enthusiasts can expect 40 minutes in which the pulse reaches maximum values.

Shagel Butt, crossfitter and personal trainer from Hamburg, won the title “Fittest Man Over 40 in Germany” in 2019. Here he presents intensive interval training for the whole body. From the upper body to the core and legs, all major muscle groups come into play here and the pulse rate reaches maximum values. If you can’t break a sweat from the Shagel Butt workout, you’ve done something wrong.

Is the workout suitable for all fitness levels?

Crossfit is a very intense workout. Less trained individuals may be physically or technically overwhelmed with performing the exercise. Newcomers should be checked by a doctor before their first session. However, this is also recommended for all other sports that you have never played before.

If there is nothing against it from a health point of view, CrossFit is suitable for all fitness levels. For beginners, the focus is on exercises that are easy to perform, such as push-ups, sit-ups, or squats. Since the work is usually done in such a way that a maximum number of repetitions must be completed in a certain time or a certain number of repetitions as quickly as possible, everyone can work at their own pace. Comparison with others can serve as an incentive, but it should not be the center of attention. The correct execution of the exercises is important.

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Burpees, sit-ups, and squats without equipment

In this CrossFit workout, Shagel Butt dispenses with technically difficult exercises like handstand walks (walking in a handstand). In selecting the exercises, she made sure to set an intensive training stimulus. The work is done without any equipment: “Everything is very easy: push-ups, burpees, sit-ups, squats. All the exercises that everyone has done before.” A mat as a base is beneficial to avoid chafing in the lower back during squats.

How is the training in the video structured?

Heating: Scissor jumps. Important: Always bring your feet together when closing, hands touching behind your buttocks to exhaust the full range of motion. Flow walks are packed in the middle: Put your hands on the floor, walk them up to the plank, bring them down briefly, and back again. This is followed by short mobility exercises. Then you can go.

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Exercise: “EMOM” (“Every Minute on the Minute”): They are intervals of one minute, the loading time is 45 seconds each. It is important to always do as many repetitions as possible, if possible continuously without pauses. Only after 45 seconds of effort is there a 15-second rest.

First minute: air squat complex (two jump squats and one regular squat)

second minute: ABS (Relax your back and arms completely, swing up, hands touch the ground in front of your feet)

Third minute: Lizards (If you can’t do 45 seconds at a time, you can also drop your knees when doing push-ups. The main thing is that your elbows are close to your body, your hips and back are straight as a board, your chest touches the ground with each repetition)

fourth minute: belches (jump from a standing position to a support position, support the body on the ground, push yourself up again with a push-up, jump forward onto your hands with your legs straight as far as possible, straighten and stretch the jump)

There are a total of 4 rounds in the show (plus a bonus round).

Note: Participate only if you are confident in physical exertion. If you are not sure, consult a doctor beforehand. If you feel uncomfortable during exercise, take a break.

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The Shagel Butt Full Body Workout was created as part of the FITBOOK Move Jam. Of course, FITBOOK has even more training inspirations for training in the living room at home: from 10 to 60 minutes, there’s something for every level. Sport together with the queen of fitness Fernanda Brandão, the crossfit athlete Hendrik Senf, the dancer Louisa Paterson, the physical trainer Egidijus Pranckus and many more

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