60 minute home workout without equipment

No gym? No problem! Athletes these days also spend a lot of time in their own four walls instead of working out in the gym.

And the big question: How can you continue to build muscle without lifting heavy weights?

Fitness YouTuber Sascha Huber has the solution ready: with your own body weight.

The highlight: works for 60 minutes for the whole body to get its money’s worth.

In his latest video, he shows in detail how you can train even the smallest muscle part without heavy weights and at the same time provide new stimuli for the muscles with effective exercises.

All you need for the workout is an exercise mat, towel, and elevation such as a chair.

Are you ready? Then go…

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Briefly followed: Who is Sascha Huber?

“Without excuses!” This is probably fitness youtuber Sascha Huber’s favorite phrase.

With 826,000 subscribers on YouTube, he provides his fans with various videos on nutrition and muscle building. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, everyone will find a suitable workout among your videos.

Sascha’s goal is to support each of her subscribers in their personal goals, without having to rely on gyms or expensive equipment.

With his new 60-minute full body workout, he is a great support and inspiration for athletes, especially in the current Corona crisis, who want to continue to stimulate their muscles within their own four walls.

This is how bodybuilding training works

Three exercises are performed for each muscle group, each with three sets of 40 seconds each, followed by a 20-second rest.

The goal is to establish a high muscle stimulus with short rests and maximum contraction, and without any fitness equipment.

Whether it’s squats, push-ups or hammer curls, none of the exercises require additional weight, since you work exclusively with the load of your own body weight.

The entire workout lasts 60 minutes. Grab your mat, towel, and a lift, and let’s go!

1. Legs

Biggest muscle first: leg muscles. Leg exercises consist of: Bulgarian split squats, pelvic raises, and calf raises. With these three exercises you optimally cover all the leg muscles.

Bulgarian split squats in particular are one of the most demanding exercises in leg training and can easily keep up with regular squats.

To do this, place one foot on a ledge and launch yourself. Now perform the pushup by lowering the back knee just above the ground.

This exercise is a real all-rounder: on the one hand, it guarantees an intensive contraction of the thigh and buttock muscles. On the other hand, you stretch the hip flexor over the planted leg. In combination with the other exercises, sore muscles are guaranteed.

2. chest

If you want to train your chest without weights, you can’t go wrong with pushups. With different variations you can perfectly hit all parts of the chest muscles.

Therefore, the three exercises of the training consist exclusively of push-ups.

With classic push-ups, you can focus on the entire musculature, while with a raise under the legs you particularly emphasize the upper chest.

If push-ups with straight legs are too difficult for you, you can also do them on your knees or combine both variants.

3. return

You don’t have to be able to do pull-ups to train your back; The side pull-up can be easily done with a towel. Lie on your stomach and stretch your legs.

Your arms are also stretched out in front, holding both ends of your towel. Try to separate the towel as hard as you can and pull it towards your chest.

With this exercise you have already optimally stimulated the broad muscle of the back.

To work the entire back musculature, there are also special variations of the plank and the superman, which also provide the back with specific stimuli.

4. shoulder

Shoulder exercises target all areas of the shoulder: the upper, lateral and rear head of the muscles are intensely stimulated.

The exercise of the lateral shoulder muscles is particularly intense. To do this, make a table. Now you lean on one arm and try to turn towards your body with the other arm.

The rotation loads all the muscle fibers of the lateral shoulder and ensures stronger contractions thanks to the isolated execution.

5. Biceps

You are your own resistance: to train your biceps you have to make life difficult for yourself. As you vary between different curls, your free arm tries to add resistance to your biceps by pushing down on the arm you’re exercising.

To stimulate each muscle strand, vary your curls by pointing your thumb out, up, or down. It is important that you try to maintain the resistance with your free arm, even if your biceps are already starting to weaken; this way you can get your biceps on fire without the dumbbells.

6. Triceps

Dips are arguably the best exercise for triceps, even if you have gym equipment. There are also different ways to challenge the muscle.

The magnification is particularly useful for dives. For the last triceps exercise of the workout, lean your arms on the chair and stretch your legs out in front. Slowly and in a controlled manner, try to lower your body and flex your arms.

It’s important to keep your arms and elbows close together to hit the muscle, but also to avoid elbow pain.

7. Belly

As is well known, the best comes last: abdominal training. Who doesn’t want a tight and toned belly?
Again, the workout offers you a focus on your upper, middle, and lower abdominal muscles so that all areas are covered.

The exercises vary between reverse crunches, Russian twists, and leg raises.

Even if the training has cost a lot of energy, you need to step on the accelerator again; then your body receives new stimuli and needs time to regenerate.


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