8 minute workout for a firmer stomach

Pamela Reif’s tough six-pack workouts have made a lot of abdominal muscles quiver.

So that her fans do not get bored during training, the influencer regularly provides sweat replenishment with new exercise combinations.

Most recently, he posted an 8-minute six-pack session on his YouTube channel, which his video guest Christopher obviously found anything but easy.

“The abs are his weak point. So he suffered a lot during my ab routine,” Pam jokes below the video. “Can you do the whole workout?”

Here’s how it works: each exercise (except for the last plank) is done for 30 seconds. Since no breaks are planned, it means going full throttle for eight minutes.

The crunch workout can be done without any equipment, so it’s perfect for really warming up your abdominal muscles in between. Excuses don’t count!

1. With legs raised

Of course, Pamela starts her training strong, first with four exercises, all of which will really engage your rectus abdominis:

  • Crunch and Knee Raise
  • Christopher knife
  • knife variation
  • flutter kicks

Since your legs are constantly in the air during execution, these exercises particularly target the lower abdominal muscles, perfect for exposing ripped abs.

2. Heel Touch

After the front abdominal muscles in particular have already been subjected to high tension, this exercise also targets the lateral muscles.

Since the upper back is permanently off the ground, the frontal muscles will continue to work.

3. Plank Variations

The exercises that are performed on the plank not only focus on the abdominal muscles, but also intensely target other parts of the body. This is what makes the following three exercises wonderfully effective:

  • elbow plank
  • hold and walk
  • elbow to elbow

Pay attention to the correct posture during these exercises: do not keep the buttocks too low or too high and always keep the head in an extension of the back; this is healthier for the spine.

4. Crunchy Variations

There are two variations of a classic abdominal exercise: sit-ups:

  • cross crunch
  • reverse crunch

The combination of these two variations is well chosen, because they perfectly deal with the lateral and frontal abdominal muscles.

Tip: Match your breath with the movement. Exhale as you lift your torso. This makes it easier to feel the tension in your abdominal muscles.

5. With legs raised

And so that muscle pain does not take long, the training continues very intensely towards the end:

While performing these two exercises, make sure your lower back is flat on the floor at all times. Your abs really need to be working all the time. And don’t forget to breathe.

6. Iron as finish

Just one last exercise and you will have done it! But this board is really tough, because you don’t just have to hold it for 30 seconds, but around 2.5 minutes.

It is certainly not an easy last exercise. But with musical support from Pamela’s training guest, time flies by.


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