9 Minute Bodyweight: Sascha Huber’s Intensive Core Workout for Home

Anyone who only trains with weights for aesthetic reasons often forgets important muscle groups that are responsible for the stability of the body.

Strengthen the body in a comprehensive way

In the long run, this leads to different muscle strengths and imbalances, which promote physical discomfort such as malpositions, back or knee pain.

A workout that adequately challenges both the front and back of your upper body doesn’t even have to take long.

Fitness athlete Sascha Huber has put together the best exercises for everyone who wants to strengthen their upper body in no time. A big plus point for the workout: With a duration of just nine minutes, it can be completed super fast.

The fitness pro recommends doing the workout every other day on its own or as a supplement to a longer workout.

Here’s how it’s done: Hold each exercise for 45 seconds. Breaks are not provided. So that’s nine minutes at full throttle!

“In this workout, we use intensive, balanced exercises to build your six-pack muscles as quickly as possible,” Sascha says in the video.

It also promises lower back strength and injury protection, as well as more stability, better posture and, as a bonus, better coordination plus “a six pack of steel.”

If you don’t keep up with the varied training, it’s probably your fault. So grab your training mat, put on your workout gear, and then you can get started right away!

1. On all fours

It probably wouldn’t be a typical Sascha Huber workout if it didn’t start right away. That’s why there are some exercises waiting for you right from the start, which put stress on many other muscle groups besides the abdominal muscles:

  • advanced bird dog
  • mountain climbers
  • Departures
  • spider man plank

By the way, the second exercise actually gets your heart rate up. Therefore: Do everything you can to get the best possible result out of the nine minutes!

Otherwise, it’s best to drop a gear and move so fast that you can still tense your muscles in targeted ways.

2. For the six pack

To specifically re-target the abdominal muscles, Sascha has of course also integrated some classic six-pack exercises into the workout. These are, for example:

  • toe touches
  • roll ins
  • crossed crunches
  • heel touch hold

To ensure that the stimuli reach the desired muscle regions in the shortest amount of time, you can further tighten your stomach by actively contracting your navel.

It’s also a good idea to adjust your breathing to your movements: inhale as you stretch your upper body, and exhale as your abdominal muscles contract.

3. Focus on the lower back

As previously announced, this workout not only targets your abs, but also strengthens your upper body holistically. Consequently, attention is sometimes focused only on the negative side.

  • glute bridge
  • reverse plank
  • Frog glute bridge
  • Superman

Of course, in addition to the lower back, other muscle groups are also activated. The buttocks and thigh muscles in particular also get rid of their fat.

After the intense stimulation your muscles have received from strenuous movements in the past few minutes, proper cool down should not be missed.

So stretch your abs and back muscles again and slow down a bit. Then you’ve already done it. I hope you did a great job: It’s worth it!


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