9 tips to turn your fall walk into a full-body workout

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A walk does not have to be boring: with a few tricks, the walk becomes a sporting activity!

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Of course, walking counts as a sport. Why not. Walking is the original form of movement. It is something completely natural, the whole body is used, it is exercised outdoors, circulation is activated, it is good for physical and mental health and it costs nothing! So walking is great. If a classic fall walk isn’t enough for you, you can turn your walk into a workout. If you want to burn more calories and build muscle while walking, you can incorporate the following tips into your next walk.

1st gear

If you want to burn more calories and fat, you must walk faster. The average walking speed is around 2 to 3 km/h. The optimal speed to lose weight is 4 km/h. With fitness apps you can easily measure and adjust your walking speed.

4. Play with the rhythm

If you don’t want to walk, just walk. However, it is super effective. small speed changes to include in the tour. For example, you can consciously walk a mile faster and then slow down again. Until you can finally jog a bit on the walk.

5. Steep hike

Climbing a hill challenges the body, burns more calories and tones the legs and buttocks. The steeper, the more intense the walk will be for muscle development. You don’t have to constantly walk uphill, but you can choose mountainous routes on varied terrain.

6. Weights

With two light weights in your hands, your arms have something to do too. You train your arm muscles and burn more calories. To avoid joint pain, it is important to move your arms in a controlled manner. Tuck your arms in and bend them, lift them forward and to the sides or stretch them over your head, anything is possible.

7. Keep the tension

By burning body fat, the entire silhouette becomes narrower, but to promote muscle growth and, for example, to tighten the buttocks and waist, this is exactly what counts. use the games in a specific way. You can noticeably contract, hold and relax your gluteal muscles while walking. The same goes for the abdominal muscles.

Don’t forget to drink! For example refreshing lemon water

8. Active stops

How about a walking break after every kilometer or even every ten minutes? Not to catch your breath though, but for some small exercises. For example, you can do ten squats or lunges. Jumping jacks are an excellent exercise to stimulate circulation. Push-ups train your upper body and can be done anywhere you can get good support on the floor or against a wall.

9. Racing School

Instead of walking slowly at a steady pace, you can integrate several small walking exercises into your walk. Like walking backwards, lifting your knees, jumping, or walking on your toes. Those who time their time can finally increase from ride to ride. Jumping for 20 seconds becomes 30, then 40, and finally a minute of jumping.

The best of walking training: You can be creative. Walking suddenly becomes much more interesting if you think about new intervals or little exercises in between.

Oh, and don’t forget to stretch before and after!

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