Ab Workout: 15 Powerful Exercises That Will Melt Your Belly Fat

With these 15 strong abdominal exercises, fitness trainer LeaLight gives you the ideal tool for your fitness goals.

All you need is a soft surface, something to drink, and ten minutes of your time.

15 exercises for strong abs

Quick little moves, holding exercises, and classic crunches – this ab workout really does have it all.

And it definitely won’t get boring, because you just train one exercise for 30 seconds, then relax for ten seconds, and then you can move on to the next exercise.

No repeats, no excuses!

So start now!

1. Exercise: Flying Knees

You start on all fours. Your shins are parallel to the floor, only the tips of your toes touching the mat.

Your hands are below your shoulders and your weight is on them. Hold this position for 30 seconds.

Make sure your stomach is tight and don’t bring your shoulders up toward your ears.

2. Exercise: Bear Drag

All fours is also the starting position for this exercise, but this time you move a few steps back and forth on the mat; shins still parallel to the ground, stomach firm.

Let your head hang loose so you don’t go into neck spasm.

3. Exercise: Downward Facing Dog Plank

Now go to the high plank and push your glutes back towards your feet.

The body is now in an inverted V, this exercise is called Downward Facing Dog. From here, push yourself forward and down on the high plank.

If you can, do this exercise a little faster to make it more intense.

4. Exercise: single-leg circles

For the next exercise, lie on your back for the first time. Keeping the lower back firmly planted on the floor, the legs, one to the right and one to the left, describe large circles.

You can use your hands to help yourself and slide them under your lumbar spine if you feel like arching your back too easily.

5th Exercise: Crunches

Lie on your back, heels set at an angle, toes pointed to the tip of your nose, and hands at your temples.

Then you do the classic crunches. Hold the tension up for a moment.

Clearly audible breathing is expressly permitted.

6. Exercise: Climber (slow)

Return to the high plank position. Your hands are under your shoulders and now alternately slowly pull your knees towards your chest.

Briefly hold the tension in front, only then the leg slowly returns to the starting position.

7th exercise: knife

It’s face up again. The legs are bent at 90 degrees, the upper part of the body pulls towards them.

You hold this position briefly, then move on to the full-body stretch.

Just go as low to the ground as you can, so avoid a hollow back. Then bring your arms and legs together towards the center of your body.

8th Exercise: Leg Scissors

Extend your legs and slowly bring them up and down in a scissor motion.

Hands can be placed under the lower back for support. The stomach is firm, the navel contracted.

Again, just go as deep as you can hold the tension.

9th exercise: leg raises

Another classic follows, the leg lift. Their legs stretch and deepen together. The lower back remains firmly on the ground.

Then use the strength of your lower abs to push them up toward the ceiling.

Again, put your hands on your lower back if you otherwise slouch.

10. Exercise: Power Mini Abs

With this variation of contraction, you only make very small movements, because the abdominal muscles must be under constant tension.

The legs are slightly bent, the tips of the toes pull towards the nose and in small descents you push the upper part of the body as far as possible towards the knees.

11. Exercise: leg circles

Once again, it’s your lower abs that will get the best of you, because your lower back shouldn’t leave the mat as you circle your legs.

Go down to the right and back up to the left. The stomach is firm as usual and the neck is relaxed.

Exercise 12: Leg lifts

Your legs are off the ground at an obtuse angle and you hold that position for the full 30 seconds.

13. Exercise: Crunch Hold

And because it was so enjoyable, the next holding exercise follows right on. The legs are bent, the thighs press against the palms, the hands against the thighs.

If you don’t shake, you’re not giving it enough gas. You just stay relaxed in the neck.

Exercise 14: Plank Jacks

The last change of position for this training is coming up. For the plank, your hands are below your shoulders.

While maintaining tension in your upper body, jump your legs together and spread them apart in quick succession. Avoid an extremely rounded back.

Exercise 15: Climbers (Fast)

In this last exercise you have to give everything again. From the high plank, alternately pull your legs forward as fast as you can.

After 30 seconds, which will get your heart rate back up, you’re done.

Do you still have breath? Then visit our FIT FOR FUN YouTube channel for more variety of exercise videos.


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