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Arnold Schwarzenegger is a bodybuilding icon. Even today, the 75-year-old is a role model for many fitness enthusiasts. His extreme workouts are legendary. For example, his arm training at his best as Mr. Universe. However, it is not recommended that most people imitate it. But many can still learn from it.

He has the status of a living legend, because Arnold Schwarzenegger (75) had several world famous careers in his life: in Hollywood on the screen, as the governor of the US state of California and, of course, as a bodybuilder. Most notably, as a five-time Mister Universe and seven-time Mister Olympia, he has secured an entry into the history books as the most successful bodybuilder of all time. And that’s why he continues to be a role model for all those who work hard on their bodies. now fitness magazine Muscles and fitness Arnold Schwarzenegger’s arm workout at its best. While it may be too difficult (and dangerous) for most, there are still lessons to be learned from it.

A two hour arm workout three times a week.

How does a Mr. Universe train? This question probably worries many men who tirelessly spend several hours in the gym every week. After all, no one wants time invested to be wasted on barely visible results. So you want an effective workout that allows your muscles to grow optimally. like fitness magazine Muscles and fitness Now shows that Arnold Schwarzenegger not only had a hard-hitting workout routine in his active bodybuilding days, but also one that is not to be emulated. Because it could lead to injury and overtraining. Especially if, like Arnold Schwarzenegger, you do a two-hour arm workout up to three times a week.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger development phase

Like any bodybuilder, Arnold Schwarzenegger followed three distinct phases of training throughout the year: build, compete, and recover. He also relied on split training, in which he always trained a different muscle group six days a week. During the preparation phase, Schwarzenegger made noise Muscles and fitness he trains his arms twice a week for two hours each time. 45 minutes each on triceps and biceps, and 30 more minutes on forearms, in that order. After this exhaustion, the arms need three to four days to recover. This is the only way to ensure maximum muscle growth and avoid overtraining, explains Schwarzenegger.

Schwarzenegger, for example, divided curls into two categories in his selection of exercises: for building mass and for isolation. He chose two from each group to gain not only size but also ripped muscles. And these were his favorite biceps exercises:

  • “Wrong” barbell curl: 5-8 series of 8-12 repetitions each. To move more weight, the exercise is deliberately performed incorrectly, swinging the upper body and engaging the back and shoulders.
  • Seated Alternating Dumbbell Curl: 5-8 series of 8-12 repetitions each
  • Seated One-Arm Curl: 5 series of 10 repetitions each
  • Standing Dumbbell Parallel Curl: 5 series of 10 repetitions each

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The competition phase was all about finishing.

About three months before a competition, Arnold Schwarzenegger completely changed his training routine. Now was the time to chisel the muscles to perfection. That means: Muscle definition from all possible sides. He used so-called supersets with very short breaks or no breaks in between. He continued to train six times a week using the split principle, but twice a day. His arms were subjected to the harsh training three times. But not only that, before big competitions, Arnold had another routine: between sets, he would pose in front of the mirror and tense his arm muscles and hold the contraction for one to three minutes. Because for bodybuilding competitions it is not enough to have muscles. He must also be able to squeeze them in a controlled manner and hold the pose long enough.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Superset Arm Workout

1st superset

  • Seated Alternating Dumbbell Curl: 4 series of 8-10 repetitions each / after each series a series without rest Cable Triceps Extensions with 8-10 repetitions.

2nd superset

  • Standing Dumbbell Parallel Curl: 4 series of 8-10 repetitions each / in a row after each series cable pulley overhead one-arm triceps extension with 8-10 repetitions.

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3. Superset

  • Seated Preacher Curl with EZ Bar: 4 series of 8-10 repetitions each / in a row after each series Dumbbell Overhead One Arm Triceps Extension with 8-10 repetitions.

4. Superset

  • Dumbbell Concentration Curls: 4 series of 8-10 repetitions / in a row after each series Bench Reverse Triceps Pushups with 8-10 repetitions.

5. Superset

  • Reverse preacher curls on the SZ bar with a handle from above: 4 series of 10-12 repetitions / in a row after each series Barbell Forearm Curl and also 10-12 repetitions.

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