Bad Säckingen: Citizens’ forum seeks sponsors for the street training park

A novel urban street training park is getting more concrete. At the second planning meeting on Tuesday evening in the Kursaal, youth officer Peter Knorre and Elisabeth Vogt from City Marketing were able to succeed with one concept: outdoor sport, with stable training equipment and enough space for expansion. Equipment costs remained within limits. As a precaution, Peter Knorre had applied for funds from the state. The funding call for 6,500 euros has been received from the Ministry of Social Affairs, Health and Integration.

“It has to start at the end of the year,” said business developer Vogt, who is now preparing talks with the building authority and the city council. In addition to youth and young adults, representatives of local clubs and the head of the Sparkasse, Martin Volz, are also represented at the citizens’ forum of the street training park. “The structure and the time frame will be concrete to the city,” explained Volz, who is helping drive progress.

When it came to the question of location, the talks started to move. The implementation of the project in Badmattenpark remains a favorite. A new addition is the festival area near the basketball hoops. “It can’t be too far,” one young student said of his experiences at the planning meeting. Short distances and in a visible area is the desire of the participants. Simon Kühn from the CDU association of cities clearly positioned himself for the extensive area in Badmattenpark, “there also the availability for schoolchildren is correct, it can happen spontaneously.”

Knorre suggested an on-site inspection of all possible sites in June and is now concentrating on urban-owned sites. The “plaque location” in the alluvium is still being analyzed, but it has clear drawbacks, Michi Rittmann explained. Simple seats and a canopy should be considered. “Like in Jestetten or Weil am Rhein”, agreed Stanislaw Dobrynin Rittmann and presented the first devices. Expandable modules and a modular principle are the norm with offerings, “and are already in use elsewhere,” said Dobrynin, who did not have to explain the concrete implementation to any of his fellow citizens’ forum participants. . Everyone was ready then.

Accessibility for people with disabilities was also a criterion for the meeting participants. Tartan is preferred over gravel or wood chips. Hanka Klomki from Lebenshilfe Südbaden had addressed the human campaign. However, a financial participation in the short term is ruled out. Other sponsors are now being contacted, from the Baden Sports Association to Lotto Baden-Württemberg. By early fall, the project should be ready to the extent that “we can go to town to make a decision,” youth officer Peter Knorre said of the timeline for the new street training park.

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