Basic Home Workout: 23 Minute Workout For Your Six Pack

Already convinced the jury of Supertalent 2018 with her handstand acrobatics: physiotherapist and fitness trainer Rieke Kanbach.

From her time as a pole dancer, she knows how important a well-trained core is and what is important for an effective abdominal workout.

That’s why he has prepared for you a 23-minute workout with various exercises for training at home that optimally activate and strengthen all abdominal muscle groups. All you need is a soft surface, something to drink, and you’re good to go.

Five sets of four exercises each.

Rieke explains a total of five sentences, each with four exercises. The sentences are repeated one at a time with a 30 second break between them. The exercises themselves are always performed for thirty seconds. The first sentence already has it all.

Isometric AB Press

For this exercise, you lie on your back. The lower back is pressed firmly against the mat, the legs are stretched towards the ceiling, at an angle of 90° to the body. Now put your hands on the inside of your legs. As the legs press against the hands, the hands press out. This position is held for thirty seconds.

crackles in the middle

Same starting position as above, but now the hands pass through the legs. Push your torso up and make sure your shoulder blades are off the floor as well.

hand to feet

The feet are placed and now you reach the side of your body beyond the heels, always alternately to the left and to the right. The exercise becomes more difficult the further your heels are from your body. Make sure you go along the side and don’t push too far up.

Isometric AB Press

Then repeat the first exercise again, don’t forget to pay attention to your breathing and your back! A thirty second rest follows. Then the entire sentence is repeated.

The essentials for a successful basic training

In order for you to perform abdominal exercises effectively, it is important to pay attention to a few things.

  • Tighten your core muscles: Above all, this is a solid helmet. With each exercise you must actively maintain the tension in your stomach.
  • Don’t fall for the hollow back: In the supine position, the lower back should always be pressed into the mat so that there is no hollow back. It is not so easy with a lot of effort. If you find an exercise particularly difficult, don’t drop your legs so low to the ground, it makes it easier.

  • calm breathing: Basically, it is always important to breathe easy during training. Especially when you do abdominal exercises, sometimes you tend to hold your breath from the effort. This must be avoided at all costs.

  • Do not cramp: This can easily happen, especially in the neck, for example, when doing crunches. Therefore, always keep your neck and head relaxed and make sure that your shoulder blades are also raised off the ground, not just your head.

  • No impulse: Abdominal exercises often consist of small movements, but they are difficult. When you gain momentum, the exercise is not as effective. The force should come from the abdominal muscles.

  • take breaks: During breathing pauses, relax your legs a bit, maybe take a sip, and most of all relax your stomach. Then you can continue with full power afterwards.


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