“Bilfulness” only on the pitch: How to avoid heartburn during sports – Bayer Talcid

Do you know it too? The gym bag is packed. You’re practically on your way to your training session and have a quick, invigorating cup of coffee “on the go.”

So far so good. But it already begins during heating – an unpleasant burning sensation behind the sternum. You know: it’s heartburn. And in the worst case, that can mess up the whole workout.

But what can you do against heartburn and acid-related stomach problems when you exercise?

Back to the pre-exercise cup of coffee: Sure, caffeine is energizing. Therefore, coffee or tea drinks are considered by millions of people to be the preferred means of getting the body going in the morning (or before sports).

Caffeinated beverages promote the formation of acid in the stomach. The same applies to sugary and carbonated drinks. And if you thought you were free: yes, alcohol, especially white wine, also promotes heartburn, or acid-related stomach problems.

If you still don’t want to do without coffee in the morning or before exercise, or if you want to treat yourself to a glass of wine in the evening, it is best to drink a large glass of warm water.

In general, it is recommended to drink enough water (preferably tap water) before, during and after exercise. Also avoid fatty foods for at least two to three hours before exercise.

What “bombs” could burp:
Lifting heavy objects or doing sit-ups that put pressure on your stomach can also increase heartburn. Endurance sports like swimming or cycling, on the other hand, are ideal for people with heartburn-related stomach problems, as they not only put less pressure on the stomach, but also serve to reduce stress and obesity (the two main causes of heartburn). ).

You ride a bike like a world champion and drink water like Frodeno in the Ironman, but is your stomach more acidic than your thighs after training?

Then try Talcid®.

Because anyone struggling with heartburn and acid-related stomach problems will no doubt be familiar with Talcid®. For more than 40 years, Talcid® has been one of the proven drugs to neutralize gastric acid (antacids). It not only helps to neutralize excess acid, but also activates the body’s own protective mechanisms in the mucosa of the stomach and esophagus, thereby strengthening the self-protection of the stomach.

But we wonder: How does Talcid® really work?
Talcid®, available as a chewable tablet or liquid, not only neutralizes excess gastric acid, but also ensures that the gastric pH value reaches the optimal therapeutic range of pH 3-5 and stays there for about 2 hours.

Side effects caused by too high a pH value in the stomach are prevented by the needs-oriented and controlled mode of action of Talcid®: As soon as a pH value of about 4.5 is reached (which can considered optimal), the release of the active substance is stopped and thus a further increase in the pH value is prevented. In this way, the pH value does not reach the neutral or even basic range, which could cause some deterioration.

Talcid® not only soothes but also protects:
Talcid®, which protects the mucous membranes, activates the body’s own protective mechanisms, for example by increasing mucus secretion.

Talcid® provides a quick remedy for heartburn or acid-related stomach problems. So, if you want to be safe while exercising and don’t want to do without a cup of coffee beforehand, or a well-deserved glass of white wine afterwards, you can pack Talcid® in your sports bag and medicine cabinet.

Here is the required text: https://www.talcid.de/talcid-kauTABLETEN#Pflichttext


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