Butt Workout: Miranda Kerr Shows Off Her Butt Workout Without Equipment

Miranda Kerr is an Australian supermodel, best known for her work at luxury lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret. She has been a model since 1997 and now has around 13.4 million followers on Instagram.

She is also a certified health coach and has her own beauty brand, Kora Organics.

Miranda Kerr regularly provides insight into her daily life and workout routine on Instagram. For this 39-year-old woman, sport is an important part of her daily life and is part of a healthy lifestyle.

Therefore, your workouts are convenient and can be done from anywhere. Plus, only one exercise mat is required for most exercises.

We tell you how he manages to stay in shape on a day-to-day basis and get his booty in tip-top shape.

3 tips for a successful glute workout

Before you start your workout, be sure to check out these tips. They will help you integrate exercises into your daily life and achieve your goals:

Tip 1: Write a plan

Already in the weekend, think about how much time you have to train next week. For example, two or three times a week. Make sure your goals are realistic. It’s easier if you also write down what workout you want to do each day.

2. Tip: tell others about your plans

As soon as you tell others that you want to exercise this week, they will automatically motivate you. After all, you don’t want to have to admit that you put off your sports drive after all.

Tip 3: Find allies

Miranda Kerr also did the booty workout with Megan Roup. If he finds it difficult to decide to train or does not like to play sports alone, then a sports partner is just what he needs. This is how they can motivate each other.

Miranda Kerr: This is what glute training looks like

All you need for the workout is an exercise mat, or just do it on the grass like Miranda Kerr did. It is important that you perform the exercises on a soft surface, as you will be on your knees during the workouts:

1. Exercise: Straight Leg Raises – 24x:

For the first exercise, assume the same position as for push-ups and place your right forearm on the mat.

Keep your left arm extended and support yourself on the palm of your hand. Your body will automatically turn slightly to the left.

Then lift your left leg and stretch it behind you. With your right leg, you can “kneel” so that your shin touches the ground. Then you repeat the exercise on the other side.

2nd exercise: fire hydrant – recoil – 24x:

For this exercise, you stay in the same position. You straighten your leg again and then bend it back a bit. Then you do both alternatively.

To increase the difficulty, you can speed up the pace. Then it’s the other side’s turn. Make sure your leg stays straight and doesn’t drop to the floor.

3. Exercise: Circles – 24x:

The third exercise can be perfectly installed after the first two. To do this, you also stay in the same position and straighten your leg again. Then you move it with medium circular movements.

Again, make sure your leg is straight and not bent. Then you repeat the exercise for the other side.

4. Exercise: Direct pulses – 24x:

For the fourth exercise, you straighten your back again and do light kicks up.

Make sure your leg is in a straight line and that you are kicking from that height. After 24 kicks, repeat the exercise on the other side.

After the fourth exercise you did it! Remember to take breaks between workouts as your muscles grow most of the time during breaks, so they are a must if you want to improve performance and promote muscle growth.


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