Cardio without jumps: this workout is just as effective

Whether running, jumping rope or jumping on the trampoline: if you want to train your endurance, you have to get your body moving. And that’s usually not exactly easy on the joints. Because the vibration puts pressure on the knees, which can lead to injuries. it is cardio without jumps even possible? Yes! We’ll show you how.

Cardio without jumps: These are the alternatives

Cardio without jumps: that’s why an alternative makes sense

When it comes to resistance training, most people think of jogging. Not without reason: when you run, your heart rate increases and your heart has to beat faster to supply oxygen to the body. In the long run it can It improved endurance and strengthened the cardiovascular system. Will. It also increases fat burning, which is why running is a great way to lose weight.

The problem: Especially when you weigh a little more, your knees are often already under stress. Therefore, cardio sports that require jumping are not suitable. you could die permanent joint damage.

Also, some people have balance problems. It has nothing to do with weight. But if you don’t feel safe, sport is not fun. In addition, the risk of injury is high.

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These sports are easy on the joints.

Not all endurance sports require jumping; it is also possible to perform cardiovascular exercises without jumping. fun and joint-gentle cardio sports are for example:

  • Bicycling / ergometer
  • To swim
  • water aerobics
  • cross country coach
  • Step by Step
  • rowing machine

Non-jumping cardio: The workout

If the sports mentioned above are too boring for you, you can also do one. gentle joint training do to train your endurance. The advantage: since the training is very intense, 20 minutes is enough for your body to work.

This is how you do it:

  1. Perform each exercise at maximum effort for 40 seconds.
  2. This is followed by a 20 second break. Try not to sit during this time, but keep moving.
  3. Start with the following exercise. You must do 4 series in a row.

Important: If you have problems with your bones or joints or are prone to pain, talk to a doctor beforehand to find out if training is right for you. Also, you should always heat firstto minimize the risk of injury.

These are cardio exercises. appropriate

In principle, you can do any exercise as long as it is easy on your joints and yours. heart rate skyrockets sheets. These exercises are particularly helpful:

the climbers

The faster you do this exercise, the faster your heart will race. You can do the classic mountain climber or use a variation.

Woman does mountain climbers
Mountain climbers get their pulse racing. Photo: Getty Images/Aleksandar Georgiev

the bear crawls

Bear tracks are fun, but extremely exhausting. Try to keep your body tense all the time.


Push-ups are the classic among strengthening exercises. If you do several in a row, they become resistance training.

push-ups woman sport exercise
Push-ups are strenuous but effective. Photo: Photography/ Westend61

reverse lunges

In the reverse lunge, you stand in one place and put one leg behind you. Now you go into a deep lunge. Now put your foot back in without lowering it. You can also vary the exercise.


Planks are a brilliant exercise because they train the whole body. If you alternately plant your toes to the sides, you increase the intensity.

do planks right
Planks work almost all of your muscles. Photo: IMAGO / Dig Images


Squats or deep squats mainly train the gluteal and thigh muscles. If you have problems with your knee joints, do the exercise carefully.

mrs squat
The deep squat trains your glutes and thighs. Photo: Getty Images/Fizkes

The best exercises for glutes

Conclusion: Cardio without jumps? No problem!

Although the exercises are softer and you don’t have to jump, the training is it’s not exactly easy. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the correct execution and not overdo it.

If you want more, you can Even more effective training do. The appropriate options for this are:

  • do more reps
  • Use tools like kettlebells
  • complex exercises that require several muscle groups, e.g. B. use push-ups, lunges, and squats

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