Chris Hemsworth Bodyweight Workout

Hollywood star Chris Hemsworth shows off his most effective bodyweight exercises that you can imitate right away. Plus point: training only takes 10 minutes

Chris Hemsworth, known as the god of thunder “Thor” in several Marvel movies, needs a well-trained body for many of his movies. The Aussie trained particularly hard for his roles as wrestling legend Hulk Hogan and in the action flick “Tyler Rake: Extraction.” For his new movie, the 38-year-old switched from weightlifting to bodyweight workouts, his trainer Luke Zocchi revealed to Business Insider. The meaning behind it: Hemsworth should be better protected from injury during his stunts. Coach Zocchi believes that the actor’s mobility has also improved with training.

With our super effective bodyweight training plan, you can strengthen your body yourself:

How does Chris Hemsworth’s 10 minute workout work?

Posted on Hemsworth’s Instagram channel, the workout is just 10 minutes long. Each exercise lasts 40 seconds, followed by a 20-second rest. Instead of performing an exercise for several sets in a row, she moves directly to the next task. After 5 minutes you will be done with all the exercises. Then you start over and after the second round, the training ends.

You don’t need any equipment to train the Hollywood star, just your body weight and the right sports attire. This includes a lightweight, breathable, quick-drying t-shirt. The quick-drying pants with zippers are also available as shorts. Especially outdoors you need the right shoes, like these breathable ones from Kaopabolo. If you feel more comfortable with a training mat, the Movit XXL is a good option. If you want to help build muscle, try Foodspring’s protein powder.

What exercises does Chris Hemsworth train?

Together with his coach Luke Zocchi, the model athlete performs the following exercises:

Climbers / Mountaineers: In this exercise, you get into the push-up position and alternately bring your knees up toward your chest. The faster, the more intense the effect of this exercise.

Squats / Bodyweight Squats: Ideally, you should do these classic squats with your arms crossed in front of your chest or behind your head.

Forearm Plank with Shoulder Taps / Plank Shoulder Taps: Here you also go to the push-up position, then alternately touch your right shoulder with your left hand and vice versa.

Back lunges / reverse lunges: You do this exercise standing up. Alternate putting your right and left leg behind you as you squat.

Cyclist Crunches / Bicycle Crunches: For the last exercise, lie down on the floor, cross your arms behind your head, and slightly raise your upper body and legs. Then try alternately touching your right knee to your left elbow and your left knee to your right elbow. Also, you bend your legs alternately as you would when riding a bike. Don’t forget to rest 20 seconds after each of the 5 exercises.

Benefits of bodyweight workouts:

  • You can flexibly train anytime and anywhere because you don’t need any equipment.
  • You save the gym fee
  • The exercises are easy to learn.
  • You improve the tension and posture of your body
  • You strengthen your deep muscles
  • The workout offers a low risk of injury because you don’t use any equipment.

Chris Hemsworth’s bodyweight workout takes just 10 minutes. You can do the 5 exercises in the video anywhere and anytime. They are easy to learn and improve your muscles, body tension and posture in a simple way.

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