Crossfit Bundesliga as a guest in Erlenbach: We are looking for the most complete athlete

Crossfit Bundesliga as a guest in Erlenbach: We are looking for the most complete athlete

Julia Echeverría and her partner Marvin Brück. Photo: Stephan Sonntag Photo: Stephan Sonntag

The volume is deafening. Bass is booming. The crowd screams. Sunday afternoons in Erlenbach are not always quiet. At least not when the fitness Bundesliga is a guest in the small wine town. The competition venue is a low-key former warehouse on the outskirts of town, which has housed a CrossFit studio since 2019.

“In this environment you go beyond your limits once again,” says Julia Echeverría. The Argentine from Abstatt represents the local heroes “Barbell Bros”. a mixed team from the Bietigheim and Erlenbach studios. The 32-year-old has already completed her training course and is now cheering on her teammates.

Competitions have it all

Marvin Brück is currently required. The model athlete from the Schwabbach district of Bretzfeld is currently working on the 110 kilogram bar. Nine deadlifts, six standing cleans, and three lifts. When the 28-year-old drops the bar, his teammates cheer.

There is no rest on the competition track. Patrick Kurrle is now required. He jumps rope, then brings his toes to the “toes to bar” 15 times, finally twelve of the dreaded burpees (push-ups and jumps over the vertical box). A referee closely monitors whether the exercises are carried out correctly. Only then will they be qualified. Parallel to the “Barbell Bros.” three other Bundesliga teams are working on the required exercises. Whoever finishes first in 25 minutes wins.

Team spirit as a special feature of the Bundesliga

“The best thing about the Bundesliga is the team spirit. In many other CrossFit competitions you compete alone,” explains Brück, who still seems surprisingly relaxed after his third competition workout of the day. During the conversation, well-wishers keep approaching him. “Here in the studio and also on the whole scene we are like one big family,” says Brück.

He discovered CrossFit during a study visit to Singapore. “I couldn’t find a gym there for my strength training and tried calisthenics.” The equipment for this bodyweight workout is now available everywhere. Since then, CrossFit fever has gripped him. “I train five times a week for two to three hours. This mix of strength, endurance and gymnastics is attractive. You have to master everything.”

Friendships and integration: Crossfit connects

Team boss and studio director Philipp Eckardt puts it: “Our Bundesliga athletes are the spearhead. It’s a very demanding hobby sport. But anyone can join us at any level.” After returning from his three-week vacation at home, Echeverría felt that he had lost some of his performance level.

“After the victory in the World Cup, in Argentina there was only celebration. Everyone was completely crazy,” says the computer scientist with a laugh. So he scaled back his competition schedule a bit. “I came to Germany through sport. We Argentines simply need people around us. We couldn’t live without him.” Of course, he met his boyfriend at CrossFit.

BACKGROUND: Around fitness Bundesliga

The Fitness Bundesliga was founded in 2018 by Nico Bade and Simon Stützer. The second of eight days took place in Erlenbach, at the same time as the Baden-Württemberg regional decision. The team “Petristoff” from Sinsheim, the local heroes of “Barbell Bros.”, won. it finished fourth out of eight teams. The 24 best teams qualify for the German championship playoffs in Mühlhausen in May. Each team consists of four women and four men. Four workouts must be mastered on each game day. An athlete can compete in a maximum of three workouts.

Crossfit Bundesliga as a guest in Erlenbach: We are looking for the most complete athlete

“Toes to Bar” – toes on the pull-up bar is the name of Luisa Goldhammer’s exercise. The ref wants to see her do three more reps. Photo: Veigel, Andreas

Crossfit Bundesliga as a guest in Erlenbach: We are looking for the most complete athlete

Up in the box, down in the flex, up in the box, down in the flex, always under the stern gaze of the referee: Patrick Kurrle’s competition program has it all. Photos: Andreas Veigel Photo: Veigel, Andreas

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