Discount store fitness: sports equipment for an effective home workout

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With this fitness device you stimulate metabolism, build muscle and declare war on winter fat.

1. Sports mat: the basis of a workout at home

A sports mat is already half the battle for successful fitness training at home. It offers numerous opportunities for stability and stretching exercises or yoga.

A short workout on the sports mat might look like this:

  • Plank: The forearm brace, also called a plank, trains the entire body. It is performed from the flexion position to the support position on the forearms. The elbows are below the shoulders, the arms can be parallel or intertwined. The rest of the body is a straight line and in tension. The gaze is directed towards the ground. Hold the exercise for at least 30 seconds. Make a total of three passes.
  • side table: Experienced people can switch directly from the plank to the side plank. In this position, the lateral abdominal muscles are trained in particular. The body is supported, for example, on the right forearm: the buttocks and hips are raised, a line from head to foot is created again. The left arm points vertically upwards, here too the tension in the whole body is important.
  • Leg training: In addition to various types of support, exercises for the legs can also be performed. Squats (squads) or lunges (lunges) are particularly popular.

The sports mat is not only a perfect device for home workouts, but also a popular guest outdoors or when you train together in the park. Depending on the supplier, the mat can cost between 15 and 30 euros.

2. Kettlebell: space-saving alternative to heavy weights

The kettlebell, also called a kettlebell, is also available at discount stores, online, or at sporting goods stores. They are available in different sizes and designs, the kettlebell usually replaces the typical dumbbells and weighs between four and twelve kilograms.

With kettlebells, both the legs and the torso and upper body can be trained sufficiently and intensively. The advantage: Unlike dumbbells and weight plates, the kettlebell can be quickly and easily stored in the next cupboard or shelf.

3. Sling Trainer

The sling trainer, often called TRX due to the prevailing brand name, can be attached to doors or special hooks and promotes a varied and joint-gentle full-body workout. Sling training is available from about ten euros at discount stores, specialty stores or online.

4. Ab Roller – strengthens the abdominal muscles

Abdominal rollers are training devices for intensive training of the abdominal muscles. Depending on the variation, different muscle groups of the abdominal and core muscles can be strengthened. The training device is ideal for making a little training at home variable. From 10 euros a real complement for any muscle training.

5. Push-up board and pull-up bar for a strong upper body

The pull up bars can be easily mounted to the door frame and used for a versatile upper body workout. The push-up board serves as a base for various push-up variations and can be quickly and easily stowed away. Both training devices are available from 10 euros.

6. Hula Hoop: Playfully Train Your Body

With the hula hoop you train different muscle groups:

  • upper and lower back muscles
  • ABS
  • main muscles

Regular training also stimulates metabolism and should promote coordination and body awareness.

Updated: 03/11/2021

Author: Alexandra Maul, News Editor

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