Effective 7 minute glute workout at home

No gym? No problem! Just seven minutes is enough to get your butt on fire and into tip-top shape little by little.

In the latest video, fitness trainer LeaLight shows you five effective exercises for beginners that can be done at home and with great equipment. Just, your exercise mat and good music.

Your body weight is enough as a load resistance and you can start directly live.

7 minute glute workout at home

This is how it works: each exercise is performed for 30 seconds without rest. For best results, the circuit is repeated 3 to 5 times.

1. Squat walk

Get into a squat position: feet hip-width apart, weight on heels, and now lower your knees slightly above or below 90 degrees so as not to put unnecessary pressure on your knees.

In this position, you move the mat back and forth again. Important: Stay deep! The effect is greater when the legs and buttocks burn.

Advice: Not charging enough for you? Then simply incorporate a jump squat at the end of the mat before running back.

2. Rainbow kicks

Get on all fours. Place your hands directly below your elbows and shoulders with your fingers spread apart. Extend one leg behind you and flex your toes.

Bring the right leg over the right side and in a long semi-circle now bring the leg over to the left side. The force should only come from the buttocks, so don’t arch your back unnecessarily.

Switch legs, only then is the exercise over.

3. Bribes

Get on all fours on your forearms. The elbows are again directly below the shoulders, the toes are planted, and the navel is drawn toward the spine.

Raise your right leg to a 90-degree angle and kick in 2 counts.

It means: 2 short kicks, one kick up, then switch legs.

4. Single Leg Glute Bridge

The starting position for this exercise is lying on your back with your legs bent. Now raise your hips and avoid arching your back too much. The stomach is firm.

Stretch both arms and right leg up. Now move your hips up and down in small rocking motions.

Don’t forget to switch legs.

5. Glute Bridge

Remain in the position of the last exercises, the arms are stretched upwards. Place both legs firmly on the ground.

Now small movements up and down your hips, keeping your core engaged the entire time.

Advice: If that’s not enough for you, you can add a resistance band to increase resistance and further challenge the gluteus maximus.


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