Effective intermittent fasting: The perfect workout to lose weight

During intermittent fasting, you can lose weight even more effectively and increase the effect by exercising regularly. However, it is important to find and perform the correct training. We explain what you should pay attention to.

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permanently decrease

With intermittent fasting you can lose weight permanently. There are different methods you can use.

The best known and most frequently used is the 16:8 method. This means that you are allowed to eat eight hours a day, followed by a 16-hour meal break.

Everything becomes more effective if you support interval fasting with exercises. This will help you stay slim and fit even after intermittent fasting.

We’ll walk you through how to find the perfect intermittent fasting workout.

Combine cardio and strength training.

With interval fasting, you should combine both training methods. If you haven’t eaten for 16 hours, your glucose stores are nearly depleted. Your body now uses reserve fat for energy.

For example, if you just go for a run, your body gets the energy it needs not only from fat cells, but also from muscle cells.

This will initially result in weight loss, but in the long run you will lose muscle mass. Also, you won’t have as much power as before.

The combination of interval training and high-intensity resistance training can, in the long run, cause your body to become stressed and increase your body fat percentage. This effect is also called “skinny fat.” It’s not uncommon for your weight to stop, or even to gain the weight back.

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Consequently, you should always accompany interval fasting with a combined resistance and strength training program.

This is how muscle is built in strength training, which has the consequence that you lose weight even at rest. From this point on, you can even eat a little more without gaining weight.

Your hormones also help you build muscle. If the 16 hours are slowly coming to an end and you feel hungry, the production of growth hormones increases.

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Along with the released testosterone, the muscles grow. Hormones are also released during intense strength training. Train hard with a few repetitions. This puts less stress on the body and preserves the muscle mass that has already been built.

the right workout

The principle is: “Short training, but intensive training!” It would also be important for you to split up your training. Do not train the whole body, but different zones with each training session.

Each workout should be no longer than 45-60 minutes. Meanwhile, you must have a lot of variety in the program and support exercises with weights.

You should do at least five different exercises per workout, do them intensely, and do as few reps as possible.

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Please note the following criteria:

  • training: Make sure at least one of your exercises is compound. It supports muscle building and maintains muscle mass.
  • pesos: Do your exercises with weights. So you can get maximum efficiency in less time. Heavy weights also offer the advantage that muscles that have been built don’t break down again.
  • training time: If you want to burn as much fat as possible with intermittent fasting and the combination of resistance and strength training, you should do your training at the end of the fasting phase. When 16 o’clock in the morning ends, you train in the morning. In this way, the body takes energy from fat stores. If you want to eat breakfast first, it should not contain any high-carbohydrate foods. Make it up of protein and fat.
  • training frequency: How often you train depends on how often you have time. In principle, it does not matter if you train daily or only three times a week. The only important thing is that your workouts are intense.
  • additional training: To find balance or change training, there is nothing wrong with doing other sports at the same time. Pilates, yoga or swimming are excellent additional offers. In the other training program, pull-ups or push-ups offer variety.

what to look for

Because there is almost no sugar in the blood during the fasting phase, circulatory problems can occur when you train. If you become dizzy, you should immediately stop training or resistance routine.

If this phenomenon occurs, you should reconsider your eating habits and your current diet. Check if you are eating enough carbohydrates.

Intermittent fasting may also not be a good method for you. nutritional tips Or talking to your family doctor can be helpful here.

To avoid injuries during training, it is important that you warm up properly before training. Yoga before strength training is ideal for this.

With this you move your body completely before beginning the strenuous exercises supported with weights.

slowly increase

Slowly increase the intensity of your workout. Listen to your instinct and your body. Then you will notice when it is time to run further or faster and to practice more intensely.

The weights used are increased kilogram by kilogram and not immediately in higher steps.

It may be helpful to keep a training diary.

Write down what exercises you do, what weights you use, and how many reps you did. This makes it easy for you to improve slowly and continuously.

Have a meal after your workout!

After training, you must fuel your body. With simple carbohydrates, muscles are built effectively because the effect of insulin is high.

A whey protein shake is a great option for this, if you are vegan take a maltodextrin powder.

To determine the correct portion of the shake, you must know your percentage of body fat.

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For example, if you have a 16 percent serving, you would use 70 to 80 grams of whey protein shake powder or 60 grams of maltodextrin powder.

Otherwise, you should fill your diet with plenty of high-protein foods. Fats should also be included. Carbohydrates are allowed, but watch out for complex ones.

These six reasons can prevent you from losing weight

These six reasons can prevent you from losing weight
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