Eva Longoria: Her favorite workout is the perfect summer calorie killer

“Desperate Houswives” star Eva Longoria shows it: jumping fitness is the perfect trending sport for summer! We show you the 3 best fitness trampolines to buy.

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Whenever we take a look at Eva Longoria’s (47) Instagram feed, we notice her toned body. The 47-year-old is a true sports cannon and keeps fit with various workouts. But monotonous equipment training at the gym is not one of them. The star of “Desperate Housewives” relies much more on an unusual training tool that is not only fun, but also burns a lot of calories. We’re talking about the good old trampoline here. Eva is a big fan of the new trendy sport, jumping fitness. We’ll tell you what the trend is all about and how you can get started with jumping fitness.

The 3 best fitness trampolines a la Eva Longoria

  1. Sportstech smart fitness trampoline: from 129.99 euros at amazon.de
  2. Fitness trampoline from SportPlus – from 119.99 euros at amazon.de
  3. Kinetic Sports fitness trampoline: from 49.99 euros at otto.de

Jumping fitness: that’s behind the fashionable sport

Not only Eva Longoria keeps fit by jumping. Other Hollywood stars like supermodel Cindy Crawford (56) occasionally hit the fitness trampoline. But how exactly do you train with the trend tool? Training with the trampoline is really very simple: with Jumping-Fitness you jump as hard as possible on a small hexagonal or round trampoline. Unlike conventional trampolines, a bar is attached to the front of the fitness equipment, which you can hold on to during training.

There are numerous exercise videos on YouTube & Co. that make it easy for you to get started in the sport. Fitness trampoline exercises often consist of alternating between fast and slow jumps. Classic aerobic choreography can also be easily implemented on the fitness trampoline. So the jumps will definitely not be boring!

The special thing about jumping fitness is that it is both an indoor and outdoor sport. Most fitness trampolines are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, easy to transport and often easy to store as well. This makes it the perfect summer sport!

The 3 best trampolines to buy on Amazon and Otto

BUNT’s favourite: the Sportstech Smart Fitness trampoline

The Smart fitness trampoline from Sportstech is practically the “Ferrari” among fitness trampolines. It folds easily and comes with a stirrup, 8-position height-adjustable bar, and three exercise videos for more workout inspiration. In addition, the device stands out with its particularly stable construction and excellent stability. According to the manufacturer, the rather expensive model is currently 13% cheaper on Amazon: Instead of 149.99 euros, it currently only costs 129.99 euros. So it’s worth hitting!

Sportstech Smart Fitness Trampoline

Amazon Bestseller: SportPlus Sports Trampoline

Amazon customers love the SportsPlus fitness trampoline. A look at the 4,000+ positive reviews proves it.

“I have had this trampoline for 3 months and people jump on it every day. I am totally satisfied with the trampoline, it is a lot of fun,” says an enthusiastic customer.

It can be loaded with a weight of up to 100 kg and, in addition to a 5-way height-adjustable bar, offers a particularly large jumping surface. Ideal to let off steam! However, there is a small drawback: unfortunately, the trampoline is not foldable.

SportPlus Fitness Trampoline

Price/performance tip: Kinetic Sports fitness trampoline

The Kinetic Sports Fitness Trampoline is ideal for beginners who are still unsure if jumping is the right sport for them. Because with a price of around 49.99 euros, this trampoline is one of the cheapest on the market, but without sacrificing quality! The trampoline also has a height-adjustable handle, can be loaded with a weight of up to 120 kg and, according to the manufacturer, is particularly quiet thanks to the rubber cable spring system.

Kinetic Sports Trampoline

Eva Longoria: With this fitness tool melt your kilos

Like Eva Longoria: With jumping fitness to a well-trained dream figure

Jumping fitness is a full body exercise that is said to engage over 400 muscles. Not only does it train your endurance and muscle strength on the trampoline, it also improves coordination and balance at the same time. It doesn’t matter if it’s the stomach, the legs, the buttocks, the arms or even the entire core muscles: you can train the whole body on the trampoline with different exercises.

The jumps are especially recommended for people with joint or knee problems. Because, unlike jogging, for example, jumping fitness is particularly gentle on the joints thanks to the springboard’s cushioning and strengthens the knee muscles and joint mobility.

Can you lose weight with Jumping Fitness?

Skipping fitness is definitely a sport that can help you lose weight. The exact number of calories you burn depends, of course, on many different factors, such as the intensity of the workout or your own body weight. However, according to estimates, the fun workout can burn between 250 and 800 calories per hour.

According to a study by the International Journal of Sport Science, jumping fitness is even better for weight loss than jogging. Jumping on the trampoline is said to increase the body’s oxygen intake and burn fat better than running. Well, let’s jump!

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