Fit in lockdown: training at home with Hendrik Senf

For the second time this year, gyms are closed to slow the spread of the coronavirus. On FITBOOK, one of the fittest people in Germany shows how to stay fit at home: Crossfit athlete Hendrik Senf.

For people who routinely train in the gym, the question has been raised for the second time this year since early November: What can I do at home alone to stay as fit as possible without the vast array of equipment and courses in the gym? Gym? For CrossFit pro Hendrik Senf, it’s clear: It has to be sweaty, easy to implement, and at the same time maximally effective. He can find out from us which home workouts he recommends for corona lockdown. Let’s start with a general full-body workout that, in the CrossFit tradition, consists of four parts of several rounds each.

Fit in confinement: this is how home training is structured

Who is it suitable for: The individual exercises are not particularly difficult. The intensity of the training is controlled individually through the pace at which the individual repetitions are performed. So both beginners and advanced users get their money’s worth. For the latter, Crossfit practitioner Hendrik Senf recommends a high-intensity exercise modification for Part 3, which takes place over a limited period of time.

time frame: Depending on fitness level between 40 and 60 minutes

Part 1: Mobility (4 rounds)

The warm-up part in the Crossfit universe consists of 5 Cossack squats per side (an intense hip mobility exercise from a wide stance), 10 deep squatsthat are kept brief, as well as Swimmer (10 repetitions): Lying on your stomach, bring your arms together behind your back and behind your head in one big motion.

Part 2: Stability (4 rounds)

now goes with 10 beast kills to strengthen the core of the body. From the all-fours position with knees raised, one arm and the opposite leg are raised alternately (for a few seconds at a time). let’s continue with 3 inch worms: Crawl with your arms on the floor as far away from your feet as possible. The farther, the more strenuous, but please, only as long as you can keep your lower back under control! So don’t fall for the hollow back.

Part 3: Training (on time)

Preparing for a higher intensity: the training part is timed; it is important to do it as soon as possible 150 plates to perform: simple but quick to get up from the board. Also, every new minute with 20 climbers started. So the first minute starts with the mountain climbers, then you have until the next full minute to work on the next planks, etc. If you have a kettlebell at home and want it more intense, you can lift it overhead for each of the 150 reps.

Part 4: Accessory Moves (4 rounds)

For this final part of the CrossFit home workout, time is no longer an issue. 5 individual legs hip jumpers: Lying on your back, raise your hip and leg alternately and hold for 2-3 seconds. The last exercise is 5 single leg deadlifts. To do this, stretch your leg back (the leg leads the movement!) and lower your hands in front. keep your hips straight.

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Fit in lockdown with FITBOOK! Most exclusive home workouts

If you fancy even more home workout sessions, you’ll find a great selection of home workouts here, including with Hendrik Senf, Fernanda Brandão, athletic trainer Timo Kirchenberger, personal trainer Micha Østergaard, and dancer Louisa Paterson.

to person: Hendrik Senf from Berlin discovered CrossFit during a student exchange in the United States. He today he is one of the best fitness athletes in Germany. His regular training week consists of 10 units of 1.5 or 3.5 hours. FITBOOK has already accompanied him during training.

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