Fitbit Luxe: train in style

A sober look at the numbers shows just how chaotic last year really was, and the need for rest and relaxation: The number of meditation sessions among global users of activity tracker and smartwatch specialist Fitbit increased by 3,508 percent.

Kerstin Hardt, an expert in mental training and stress prevention, confirms this: “The autonomic nervous system is unbalanced due to constant stress. But it is precisely this nervous system that is also important for the immune system.”

Fitbit Luxe with Stress Management Index

With Fitbit Luxe ($149.95) there’s now a new activity tracker that helps reduce stress. A daily stress management index, as well as mindfulness and breathing exercises help identify situations that trigger pressure and relieve it. In addition to measuring sleep phases, the model also has all the functions to determine movement in everyday life (eg steps, distance, calorie consumption) and during training (eg heart rate) .

Fitbit Luxe: the most important features at a glance

Fitbit Luxe cutout


Fitbit Luxe provides the motivation and support to stay healthy and active:

  • Continuous heart rate monitoring to track heart rate in real time
  • Active zone minutes show how long you exercised at what heart rate
  • 20 different sports modes including golf, pilates, spinning or tennis.
  • During outdoor activities such as running, cycling or walking, the smartphone’s GPS connection can be used to display real-time pace and route.
  • The health metrics dashboard displays, among other things, respiratory rate, heart rate variability, resting heart rate, skin temperature fluctuations, and, briefly, oxygen saturation (SpO2).
  • Hydration, nutrition and weight can also be tracked through the app
  • Menstrual dates can be specified in the app.
  • Diabetics can even control blood sugar levels.
  • New function for diabetics to record blood sugar levels in order to detect changes in blood sugar levels in interaction with other parameters throughout the day,
  • See call, text and smartphone notifications
  • Battery life of up to five days

Lots of extras for the Fitbit Luxe

Cutout of the Fitbit Luxe in the Gorjana Edition


The price also includes a 6-month Fitbit Premium trial membership, and if the classic model is too sporty: several Gorjana chain bracelets are available as a special edition for Luxe, which transform them into a fashion piece of jewelry.

All data at a glance with Fitbit Premium

Screenshot of the Fitbit Premium app


Even the free app gives a lot of insight into body data like breathing rate and resting heart rate.

Fitbit Premium provides an even more detailed breakdown of the Stress Management Index, with information on stress balance to measure the effects of activity on the body.

Data on sleep patterns show how restlessness and depth of sleep affect the body’s ability to cope with stress. Plus, Premium members get access to exclusive workouts and mindfulness exercises.

“Innovative tools for stress management”

Portrait of Fitbit Expert Kerstin Hardt


Interview with stress expert Kerstin Hardt

To what extent does the coronavirus pandemic affect people’s stress levels? What changes have you observed?
I have been working as a coach for more than 20 years. He had never experienced such a high level of stress since the beginning of the pandemic.

People are currently in a permanent loop of fear and uncertainty. The vegetative nervous system, which controls 97% of all body processes, is thrown out of balance by permanent stress. And it is precisely this nervous system that also ensures a good immune defense. If you want to protect yourself, you need to pay attention to a good balance at this time.

How does an activity tracker help us counter this problem?
Stress releases the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol. Healthy movement, in the low pulse range, reduces stress hormones.

A health smartwatch, like the Fitbit Sense, helps you “monitor” your own heart rate, because most people tend to train in a heart rate range that’s too high. Activity trackers can also support your own well-being and health: The Sense, or the new Fitbit Luxe tracker, offer innovative stress management tools.

How do you prevent constant monitoring of your own data from creating additional stress?
Mental attitude is crucial here. If you don’t monitor your data obsessively, but look at your results with joy, you also have less stress. Sport and exercise should be fun and lead to inner balance.

Calmness can be wonderfully built through mental training, so training is more fun. It is important to set realistic goals that are achievable.

The raise is good and worth fighting for, but it must also be affordable, otherwise there will be additional stress. With a certain serenity you can be happy for what you have already achieved and have more fun.


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