Fitness: 2-minute workout prolongs life

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This 2-Minute Workout Will Extend Your Life

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The fact that many of us move very little in everyday life is often due to lack of time. But this study now shows that just a two-minute workout a day could extend our lives.

Shopping after work, taking the kids to music class, or helping our best friend put the furniture together—most of us have a lot to do every day. It’s no wonder that we often find it difficult to find the time (and desire) to exercise, even though we know how important exercise is for our health. But not anymore: According to a study by Australian researchers, just two minutes of intense exercise a day is enough to lengthen our lives!

Mini training for life

“Our results imply that short, intense workouts spread out over the week can help us live longer,” writes study author Dr. Matthew N. Ahmadi in a research statement. This can help people in particular who usually find very little time to exercise in everyday life.

The study involved nearly 72,000 adults who did not have cardiovascular disease or cancer. On average, the participants were 62.5 years old, 56 percent were women. Using activity trackers, the researchers recorded how often and for how long the participants over-exercised each week for 6.9 years. The overall result is not surprising: the more frequently and for the longer the subjects exercised, the more their risk of dying in the next five years decreased. Even just 53 minutes of vigorous physical activity per week reduced the risk of death by 36 percent.

But even a mini-workout has a positive effect, according to the study. Those who did not exercise at all had a 4% chance of dying in the next five years. Anyone who trains just 12 minutes a week (about two minutes a day is enough) has already halved the risk of death to two percent.

Live longer with HIIT

It’s true that with just two minutes of effort a day, we can’t think of a good reason to skip training. For the best possible effect, we rely on High Interval Training, HIIT for short. Important: Since your pulse rises very high in a very short time during this mini-workout, you should have a medical check-up before starting and clarify if your health is really good.

3 quick HIIT exercises in two minutes

Ready for your mini workout? Here come the three best exercises for two minutes. But: remember that it’s about as many repetitions as possible in the shortest amount of time; effort is just part of it.

1. Push-ups

For him The muscles of the arms and chest are essential for push-ups. To do this, first lie down on the floor and then push yourself up until you are supporting your body with your arms extended and the balls of your feet. Bend your arms, then lower your chest in a controlled manner before coming back up. Make sure your body always forms a straight line. 15 to 20 repetitions are ideal.

2. Jumping jacks

The old jumper is still great for a short, intense workout and strengthens legs, arms and upper body. First, stand hip-width apart and let your arms hang loosely. Then very slightly bend your knees, push yourself up hard and jump. As you jump, open your legs and bring your arms together above your head. Jump back up to return to the starting position. Do 20 to 30 repetitions of this.

3. Squat

Squats are also part of HIIT training because they train your abs, legs, glutes, and back at the same time. Stand with your feet hip-width apart, toes pointing slightly out. Engage your butt and stomach, slowly push your butt back and bend your knees to lower yourself down, just imagine sitting in a chair. Make sure your back stays straight the entire time, your knees point slightly outward as you come down, and you don’t slide past your toes. The arms advance in parallel. To get back up, push through your heels in a controlled manner. Do 15 to 20 repetitions of the squat.

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