Fitness 2022: The 4 Most Effective Dance Workouts

Dance yourself to get in shape! With our dance workouts, you can overcome your weaker self with ease, no matter how athletic you are. There are many good reasons for dance training at home. Because: Dance training is aimed at train the whole body. This mainly strengthens yours. persistence – but also the muscles they are claimed. Thus, dance training is also perfect for Lose weight. The matching moves music also train your sense of rhythm. The result? A firmer body in every way, better coordination and a more confident body feeling.

Important: Before each dance training, you should warm up enough. This protects your ligaments, joints and muscles and makes the training even more effective. Here we tell you 10 things that can improve training >>

Fitness 2022: Top 4 Dance Workouts

1. Aerobic dance training

An ’80s star: You most likely associate aerobics with brightly colored leotards and highly motivated trainers. Physical training will also be one of the most popular dance exercises in 2022. Aerobic workouts combine two essential things: dance and gymnastics. Dynamic physical training gets your cardiovascular system going and also strengthens your sense of rhythm. Together with the motivating music, “movement dyslexics” and rhythm professionals can quickly learn the simple choreography.

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2. Zumba dance training

With Zumba, even the most exercise-averse can get their butt off the couch. The registered fitness concept was created by choreographer Alberto “Beto” Pére in the 1990s and originates from Colombia. Meanwhile, physical dance training has long since arrived in Germany. Zumba combines aerobic exercises with various international dances. This increases fat burning and metabolism. And: In the summer, Zumba is also fun outdoors, as long as you’re standing on solid ground.

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3. Bollywood dance training

Dance, music and sentimental love stories – that’s what Bollywood stands for. Are you already listening to the well-known tunes of Indian movies? Very good, because Indian dances also work perfectly in this country for lively dance training. The mix of different dance styles, fast movements and the use of your arms will make you sweat: an hour-long Bollywood dance session can burn more than 500 calories. You can find many instructions and guided training sessions on YouTube, for example.

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4. Body Jam Workout

Known for its innovative group fitness programs, New Zealand fitness company Les Mills offers official classes and workouts in many gyms around the world. Also in Germany, fitness enthusiasts can book a wide range of exciting courses. The Bodyjam Workout combines fresh sounds and modern club dance moves that will make you sweat. Bodyjam Workouts playlists include the best of house, hip hop, electro, trap, and drum’n’bass.

In the video: Dancing hip hop and losing weight: this is how it works


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