Fitness, training and fun: explanation of the fashion surrounding scooters and scooters

Who doesn’t like to remember their childhood, when wooden skateboards were all the rage. Almost every child had one and even today you can still see the wooden classic from time to time, which is almost 150 years old. But the fascination with kick scooters, or “scooters” as they are called today, has not abated. Today they are mostly no longer made of wood, but partly of high-tech materials and are not only for children, but above all for adults, who like to use them as a fast and light means of transport.

Now there are also electric variants, but in this article we are only dealing with scooters that can be moved with your own muscle power. Today’s scooters typically feature handlebars of varying widths and adjustable heights, a large extended kickstand, and a small rear wheel fender to help prevent splashing from puddles and a rear wheel brake. A distinction is then made between folding mini scooters with mostly hard tires like inline skates and larger scooters, which usually come with tires like bicycles.

Why scooter? While children ride scooters for fun, the situation is different for adults: riding a scooter is considered easy on the joints and many adults also use it as a full-body training or fitness program. In addition to the leg muscles when pedaling, the arm, abdominal and back muscles can also be strengthened. Scooters are put through heavy use, but since the frame and tread are usually made of high-quality aluminum, the scooter is very robust and durable. It is important to always take good care of and maintain the scooter. Brakes and ball bearings in particular are wear parts and should be replaced if necessary.

You should pay attention to this:

  • Wheelbase: The longer the wheelbase, the better the driving characteristics at the expense of maneuverability
  • Footboard Height: The lower the footboard, the less effort is required. This is where a height-adjustable footboard scooter comes into play, because the surface changes from time to time.
  • Wheels: small wheels make more flexible, bigger wheels can increase speed
  • Protective equipment: The helmet should always be mandatory, just like in cycling. But do not forget the protectors for hands, elbows and knees.

But where to buy scooters? There are plenty of local shops and other ways to get a top scooter – so you can order at Chilli Dirt Scooter or in many other specialized online stores. These specialized stores usually also have scooters in their portfolios that are not only suitable for children or for daily use on the street, but also for people who play sports.

We are talking about “stunt scooters” or “freestyle scooters”: whether young or old, where before only skaters moved, now high-end scooters are used. Whether obstacles such as stairs or walls or even a half pipe, even with a suitable scooter one or another work of art or one or another trick can be performed. For freestyle action, scooters are usually used, which are light and whose wheels ensure adequate acceleration.

Photo in the text: children with scooters 1952 / photo agency


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