Fitness: Training at home: Stay fit in times of Corona

Say goodbye to your best friend: the sofa. With these five exercises you will stay in shape even during confinement.

The gym is closed, the football clubs no longer train, and dancing in the clubs is also prohibited. In times of Corona, some people find it difficult to keep fit. Because not everyone is a fan of running in the woods.

However, since we are currently spending a lot of time at home, it is especially important to offer the body the balance it needs. After all, for some of us, the daily steps to work, to the office, to go shopping after work or to meet friends are no longer necessary. But how much exercise do we need?

Simply put, any form of exercise is good! Whether it’s the stairs to the top floor, the short walk around the block, or the Instagram challenge of doing 30 squats a day, short drives are easy to integrate into everyday life. You must work your cardiovascular system for at least 30 minutes a day and move around 2000 kilocalories a week. Don’t have a brilliant idea to exercise? No problem, we will help you!

The following five tips can be done at home without any devices.

lunge with rotation

Make sure your back is straight when you lunge.

Photo: Gorodenkoff,

target muscle: The thighs and torso are optimally trained.
repetitions: 3 sets of 12 reps per side

For this exercise, stand with your feet hip-width apart, take a big step forward with your left leg, and bend your legs at a 90-degree angle. The rear knee levitates off the ground. Then twist your upper body to the left. After about twelve repetitions, return to the starting position and do the same with your right leg.

side table

The lateral abdominal muscles are trained when doing side planks.

Photo: deagreez,

target muscle: side crunches
repetitions: 3x 30 seconds per side

If you want to train your lateral abdominal muscles, you can challenge them with the lateral support. To do this, lie on your side, place your feet on top of each other, and push your body up onto your forearm. Now move your hips up. You can hold this position or continuously push your hips up. You should do this exercise three times on each side. Depending on the level of training, the duration of the exercise can vary.


Planks can be performed on the forearms or with the arms extended.

Photo: luckyguy123

target muscle: arms and legs
repetitions: 3x 30 seconds

At first you lie on your stomach. Then, support your upper body with your arms stretched out on your hands. Feet are placed on tiptoe as much as possible. Make sure you stand tall and your bottom doesn’t sag. Alternatively, you can also lean on your forearms. Hold the position for about 30 seconds. The longer the better.

the climbers

Mountain climbers are good for endurance.

Photo: Syda Productions,

target muscle:
Rectus abdominis and hamstrings
repetitions: 3 rounds of 12 reps

With this cardio exercise you get into the classic push-up position. Place your palms on the floor shoulder-width apart and your feet on tiptoe. Now alternately pull your right knee to your right elbow and your left knee to your left elbow. As with climbing, hence the name, the legs move back and forth rapidly. Be careful: the back should remain straight, a hump should not form. Also, the butt should not hang too high or too low.


Squats should not be missing from any training plan.

Photo: Gorodenkoff,

target muscle: Legs, bottom, torso
repetitions: 3 rounds of 15 reps

Loved and hated in equal measure: squats. But the classic squats should not be missing from any training plan. Without equipment and with little time, you can optimally train your legs and buttocks. In addition, the torso is required. And here’s how it works: spread your legs more than shoulder-width apart. Distribute your body weight evenly over your legs and turn your knees in the same direction as your toes, angled slightly outward. Now lower your buttocks. The deeper, the more effective. Hold briefly and come back up, exhaling.

What do I have to take into account when playing sports?

maintain a sense of proportion

Start exercising gradually so as not to overload the body.

adhere to rest periods

Anyone who trains intensely should take a day off or plan a relaxed session.

drink enough

When you exercise, you lose a lot of fluids, so drinking plenty is a must.

have fun

Only those who enjoy sports can keep training continuously. Therefore, ensure variety in the exercises.

You can find out what else you can do for your health with our tips to strengthen the immune system. Just click here.

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