Fitness trend: with this simple trick, every workout becomes highly efficient

Fitness trend: with this simple trick, every workout becomes highly efficient

Thursday, 02/10/2022, 17:51

Anklets like the Bala Bangles strengthen muscles without much extra effort and are therefore true secret weapons to get the most out of every exercise.

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They are small, efficient and sometimes weigh more, sometimes less: cuff weights. Although not new, wrist and ankle weights have become especially popular in recent years. This is probably due not only to the rise of home training, but also to the fact that practical sports devices now look as pretty as ever.

The promoted Bala Bangles, which are currently conquering the fitness market, are the main responsible for this. But what advantages do they offer exactly, what should beginners pay attention to, and which examples are not only practical, but also stylish and inexpensive? We have all the answers at a glance.

5 good reasons to train with ankle weights

  1. They can be easily integrated into training.
  2. They can be used on both ankles and wrists.
  3. They make each exercise more intense and therefore more efficient.
  4. They help burn fat.
  5. They speed up muscle building.

How Bala Bangles conquered the fitness market

After a television appearance on “Shark Tank” – the American counterpart to “The Lion’s Den” – released Bala Bangles 2020 caused quite a stir and made bangle weights all the rage. The fitness and lifestyle company specializes in sports equipment with a modern, minimalist design that is not only functional but also stylish. Weights are the perfect complement to your favorite sport, be it yoga, pilates, bodybuilding or HIIT.

Gadgets made from recycled steel and silicone are available in a wide variety of colors, from black up Pink – as well as in two weight categories: 1 lb (0.45 kg) and 2 lb (0.9 kg). Thanks to the elastic closure, the bracelets (available in a pack of 2 from 54.90 EUR) can be individually adjusted to be worn on the ankle or on the wrist.

Cheaper Alternatives to Bala Bangles Ankle Weights

Due to popular demand, there are now many imitators on the market that look just as great but are cheaper than the original. With 28.99 euros it costs this Amazon model, for example, is only a little over half full and looks confusingly like Bala Bangles.

The sand-colored ones look particularly elegant Loona Gym bracelets, which are also available in black, white, pink and mint. A set consisting of two weight sleeves, each weighing 0.5 kg, costs 34.90 euros on Amazon.

That’s why weight sleeves come in handy during workouts.

Simply wrap it around your wrists or ankles and voila – few other fitness devices can be operated so easily. Thanks to the extra weight, there is more resistance when performing the individual exercises, which means that more energy is used. This in turn results in increased heart rate and fat burning, as well as faster muscle building. With so-called wrist and ankle weights, as they are called in English, higher performance can be achieved in less time.

The little helpers are available in different sizes and weight classes. This allows sports fans to use heavier weights as they go. But beware: do not overdo it to avoid possible injuries. suitable for beginners Light cuffs between 0.5 and 2 kg are best. If you are not sure about the weight, you should start with a lighter model.

No matter which vendor you end up with: accessories are a great way to make your own workout more effective in no time, and they look good too, by the way.

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