Full body workout in just 4 minutes

Need some variety in your workout at home, then fitness influencer Madfit’s new full body workout is perfect for you.

To the beat of Dua Lipa’s new song “Physical,” he demonstrates various exercises that engage every muscle group in the body while making you sweat.

Training at home to the rhythm of music

You don’t need any equipment for the entire workout, except for a training mat, which prevents you from slipping during an exercise.

In the video, MadFit shows you how to get your body up and running in just four minutes and with lots of fun.

Here’s how it works: The workout is based on the beat of the music, so it means one thing above all: give it your all. The entire workout lasts about four minutes.

1st verse: squats

During the first verse, you focus primarily on your legs, with classic squats. To do this, stand shoulder-width apart and do two squats to the beat of the music.

In a dynamic move, she now places one leg further out to have a particularly wide stance, which puts a lot of pressure on her glutes.

Also in this position now you do two squats and come back to the slightly narrower position to do two squats here as well.

Do this move five times for each leg, and if you move with the music, you should have a seamless transition into the chorus.

to refrain

Knees, jumps and air boxes, and voila. You start the chorus by alternately bringing your knees closer to your torso while standing.

Try to use your full range of motion so that you can optimally challenge your abdominal muscles in particular. Pull each leg as high as you can four times.

This is followed by the dynamic transition to jumping jacks, which should really make you sweat. After each jump, you also punch in the air with one arm.

After three jumps and punches, you do a little boxing session: punch twice in front of you with each arm.

2nd verse: push-ups

For the second verse of the song, get into a push-up position, letting your knees stay on the ground.

Would you like to use your upper body even more? Then you can also do a normal push-up, where your knees are off the ground and your body forms a straight line.

Now do four controlled push-ups. Be sure to also use your personal depth to activate your chest muscles. After the repetitions, there is a small stretching exercise.

To do this, you straighten your arms and move your hips toward the ceiling, thus stretching all the muscles in your upper body and preparing for the next round.

In total, he performs two passes and switches to the chorus.

to refrain

In the second chorus, the entire sequence of movements is repeated as in the first time, starting with the knee raises and the following jumps and boxing punches.

With all exercises, be sure to use the full range of motion to engage all muscle fibers and establish new stimuli.

3rd verse: lunges

In the third verse there is an exercise for a firm butt on the plan: lunges. Following the rhythm of the music, you start with one leg and do three lunges.

A knee lift follows directly after the reps. You perform this sequence of movements four times in total. Now you switch to the other leg in a jump and do four passes as well.

to refrain

The song is coming to an end: now it’s time to turn back on and get over the knees, jumps and air attacks.

Along with MadFit you let the song end with an alternation of jumps and air strikes.


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