Full Body Workout: The 15-Minute Workout with Anna Lewandowska

Are you looking for a workout that you can easily do at home and without equipment? These effective full-body exercises pave the way to the body of your dreams.

You only need 15 minutes and your own body weight.

Here’s how it works: Complete each exercise for 60 seconds, then go straight to the next without resting. When you complete a round, you start over from the beginning. Try to beat a total of three rounds.

Keeping a long story short! This increases blood circulation and metabolism and supplies extra oxygen to both the muscles and the brain.

This will immediately make you feel more awake and give you a real mood boost. Apart from how good your body will feel after training.

Depending on how ambitious and trained you are, you can of course add as many rounds as you like.

If you notice that your muscles are getting tired and the execution is getting a bit difficult, then take a break. At the end, build in a bit of a cool down with relaxed stretching exercises for stressed muscles.

1. Jump Squats

squat jump

Martha Wojtal

“Excellent fat-burning exercise that gets your heart rate up.”

  • Squat down, shift your body weight to your heels, tighten your core.
  • Jump up, reach your arms up, land straight into the squat again, and start the next jump.

Important: Despite the high speed, pay attention to a clean execution.

2. Plank push-ups

plank push ups

Martha Wojtal

plank push ups

Martha Wojtal

“For more body tension and strength in the chest muscles.”

  • The starting position is plank. The back is straight, the core engaged.
  • Push up first with one arm, then with the other arm into a pushup, in reverse order, back to the starting position. The hips should remain as straight as possible.

Easier: Beginners can do the exercise on their knees.

3. Cross squats

cross squats

Martha Wojtal

cross squats

Martha Wojtal

“Shape the stomach and strengthen the arms and shoulders.”

  • Lie on your back, feet hip-width apart, lift your upper body and tighten your stomach. the back is straight.
  • Alternately punch your right and left arm, back to the starting position.

heavier: If you want more, you can lift both legs at the same time.

4. Back kick


Martha Wojtal


Martha Wojtal

“Excellent exercise that gets your butt and legs in shape.”

  • Stand on all fours, with your hands under your shoulders. Your back is straight and your stomach tight.
  • Now step back with your right leg, tuck your toes in at the end, pull your leg back. Switch sides after 30 seconds.

The burner: When the leg is raised, gently press up and down.

5. swimmer

backstroke swimmer

Martha Wojtal

backstroke swimmer

Martha Wojtal

“The crème de la crème exercise for a strong back.”

  • Lie on your stomach, straighten your arms and legs and raise them as high as possible, looking down at the ground.
  • In this position, alternately stretch one arm and then the other arm back. The look goes with you. The buttocks and torso always remain firmly tense.

Advice: If you have lower back problems, keep your legs on the ground.

Best Body Plan Book Cover

southwestern publishing house

Recommended book: “Best Body Plan”

Living healthy is fun. This is demonstrated by Anna Lewandowska, world karate champion and wife of Bayern star Robert Lewandowski, with a mix of simple exercises and recipes.

Südwest Verlag, 272 pages, €19.99, available online at Amazon


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