Get over your weaker self: 4 simple tips to get you off the couch

Overcome your weakest self with 4 tips

New Year’s resolutions are abandoned every year. This ideal idea already sits so well in your head and happily takes you from one workout to another for the first few weeks. But what if things don’t go so well, you prefer to sleep more in the morning and the early morning drive is canceled for the time being? What if the weaker self doesn’t feel like it and chooses the comfortable path to the couch instead of the exercise mat? (Also read: Healthy back: 3 good reasons why you should not neglect your back training)

With these 4 tips you will overcome your weakest self

We give you 4 simple tips to stop being a couch potato. Together with the experts at Freeletics, Europe’s #1 fitness app, you can take your fitness adventure into your own hands and then start straight away with a vigorous full-body workout.

Tip #1: Visualization

Before you really get started, it’s important to realize your goals and your success. Imagine what your next workout will be like, what exercises you’ll do, how your muscles will feel, and most importantly, how you’ll feel afterward. Such visualization can already give a huge boost in motivation and push back the weaker self.

Tip #2: Date

Make a commitment and put the next training session on your calendar. It sounds strange at first, but such a date with yourself helps to get serious about your goals and commit yourself. If it’s even more of a commitment, make an appointment with friends or colleagues, then it’s even harder to cancel!

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Tip #3: Prepare

Good preparation is half the battle. It is no different in sports. If you have to laboriously gather weights, a mat and a bottle of water first thing in the morning, it’s unlikely you’ll start your workout full of energy. But if everything is ready, it’s just a matter of changing, taking a sip of water and turning on. There is no time to waste a thought on the weaker inner self. By the way, this also works when training outdoors: pack your gym bag, set up a training spot, and when it’s time to train, you’ll be ready to go in seconds!

Tip #4: Make-up days

Fixed days off – These are also mandatory, because if you are overly motivated and overdo it, your performance will quickly deteriorate and your risk of injury will increase. The body recovers and that is usually a huge blow to motivation and you are back to square one. Plan days off and plan specific activities. Disconnect, do things that are good for you and become aware of your past successes. That motivates for the future! (Also interesting: Good for the body: 5 reasons why muscle development is healthy)

The next time you feel your motivation slipping away, stay on track with our 4 tips:


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