HIIT training in less than 30 minutes: the super effective home workout

High-intensity exercises can not only guarantee visible success in the gym. They are also perfect for burning calories and building muscle mass at home. This HIIT workout in less than 30 minutes was designed to establish a daily exercise routine in the comfort of your home, without machines. (Also interesting: HIIT training: With this military training, the six-pack is within reach)

HIIT workout under 30 minutes – perfect for those who can’t make it to the gym

It can always happen that the current life situation -or the wallet- does not allow you to transfer the exercise routine to the gym. Therefore, this HIIT training is especially indicated for people who want to stay in shape outside the gym. (Also Read: Home Workouts: The Dos And Don’ts Of Home Workouts)

Possible training devices for HIIT workouts

For example, you can use a medicine ball or dumbbells to train. But a kettlebell and TRX bands attached to a door are also good for making the workout a little more intense. If you want, you can also use additional weights; this can increase the effect of many exercises. In general though, if you just want to work with your own body weight, you can do it with HIIT training.

warm up and stretch

“It is very important to warm up and stretch before and after the session,” explains Marina Duran Parejo, head of the Ritual Gym in Madrid, to GQ Spain. The exercise expert points out that during the warm-up, special attention should be paid to the hips, glutes and shoulders, since they align the muscles of the spine and activate the core. The exercises are intended for different levels, but can also be combined, depending on your own abilities. (Also cool: it fits in her own house – these are the best no-equipment workout videos)

HIIT exercises for beginners: 6 rounds with 45 seconds rest between each series

Every 25 seconds:

  • Medicine ball push-ups or push-ups
  • squats
  • the climbers
  • Standing Rowing Movements with TRX Band Attached
  • Kettlebell Deadlift
  • burping

Intermediate level HIIT exercises: 6 rounds with 45 seconds rest between each series

Every 25 seconds:


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