Hollywood star Jennifer Garner’s workout

Hollywood star Jennifer Garner (49) is currently promoting her new movie “The Adam Project” and by the way, she presents herself on Instagram with a well-trained body. FITBOOK takes a look at the workouts the actress uses to stay in shape.

For “The Adam Project”, the current top 1 on Netflix in Germany, in which she can be seen alongside Ryan Reynolds and Mark Ruffalo, Jennifer Garner did not have to undergo extremely hard training. But the actress, who is no stranger to action thanks to movies like “Peppermint” or her series “Alias”, is and likes to be in top form. What workout Jennifer Garner trusts and what exercise she is especially excited about right now.

Jennifer Garner on the go

Like most stars, Jennifer Garner likes to work out with personal trainers. She currently supports her dancer and fitness trainer Beth Nicely. It was she who recently posted a video with Garner on Instagram, presenting an exercise apparently popular with the actress at the moment. She can see Nicely and Garner jumping from the ground onto a stepper as fast as possible, in different variations. Anyone who has ever tried it knows that what seems so easy is really exhausting. An excellent exercise to train endurance, rebound and explosive power. Alternating between double-legged, single-legged, and diagonal jumps also improves coordination.

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The 49-year-old also proved that jumping is now an integral part of Jennifer Garner’s workout with an impressive “Instagram” story. In this clip, she trained with Nicely again, this time with box jumps. With this type of jumps you can also train plyometrically. What does that mean exactly? FITBOOK explained that here.

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Jennifer Garner’s training to prepare for Peppermint

In preparation for her action thriller “Peppermint” in 2018, the then 45-year-old woman completed a tough training. She trained one to two hours six days a week. “We were working with heavier weights than usual and with bands. We also incorporated bodyweight exercises,” Garner’s personal trainer at the time, Simone De La Rue, told Women’s Health. In addition, Garner relied on push-ups, triceps push-ups and plenty of abdominal exercises. The latter included planks and sit-ups.

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Always on the move, but as varied as possible

Those who follow Jennifer Garner on social media will have noticed that the actress likes variety. She also appears to be athletic aside from stunt training and training for movie roles. There are plenty of fun moments with Jennifer Garner showing that she stays in shape with so many different types of movement: from roller skating to dancing to jumping rope.

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