Home Workout for Beginners: 40 Minute Full Body Workout with Coach LeaLight

In your stressful day to day, take 40 minutes just for you, your body will thank you. And you can do it from the comfort of your home, using only your own weight.

No matter what exercise, body tension is everything. Lea therefore demands full power: “If we have already decided to do this training together, then we are doing it right!”

A training in five chapters

The training is structured in a total of five chapters and focuses on a specific body region in each chapter.

These 40 minutes also include a detailed warm up and a short cool down – important preparation and follow-up for the body, but often neglected.

All you need is motivation and a yoga mat. After each chapter, Lea gives you a short time to take a deep breath and stretch out stressed body parts.

Have fun with your power training!

Chapter 1: Warm-up

A slow and relaxed start to the training that prepares you mentally and physically for the next training with circular and balance exercises. “With the warm-up we prevent the risk of injury”, explains Lea, which is why the often underestimated warm-up is just as important as the rest.

If you haven’t warmed up yet, Lea advises just doing 1-2 more exercises independently as you like.

Chapter 2: Legs + Booty

In this workout, the LeaLight trainer goes from the bottom up, so you start with an effective leg and buttock workout. It includes many exercises like squats and lunge variations and Lea explains in the video exactly what you need to pay attention to during the workout.

Plus, there are always tips on how to provide more support to protect potential problem areas like your back or knees. Training should be fun, not painful!

Chapter 3: Six Pack

Chapter 3 is for the abdominal muscles and offers many planks that not only train the stomach but also the entire body. Tension is everything, hold your board!

Chapter 4: Upper Body

With her own weight and tension, Lea brings out everything that hasn’t been used before with the leg workout and six pack.

This chapter may be the shortest workout, but it will surely make you sweat.

Chapter 5: Cooling

Finally, after four grueling chapters, you’ve more than earned yourself a relaxing cool down. “Enjoy doing something for yourself and your body,” says Trainer Lea.

With brief stretching and breathing exercises, the final chapter teaches you to be thankful for your body before returning to everyday life.


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